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Blog Posts in DIY Projects

  • Person using a small screwdriver to attach a dryer vent hose

    Typical Dryer Vent Locations

    As long as your dryer continues to do its job, most homeowners don’t give much thought to the location of their dryer vent. ...

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  • Person looking in window of microwave at a bowl that is being heated.

    What to Do About a Microwave Turntable Not Turning

    If you struggle with your microwave plate not turning around, don’t hurry to purchase a new microwave just yet. Sometimes a little ...

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  • Young woman smiling as she looks at glassware being removed from a dishwasher

    Clean Your Cloudy Glass Dishes Like A Pro

    It’s off-putting to grab a glass from the cupboard and find it’s cloudy and covered in smudges. You may set it aside to be ...

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