Samsung Dryer Error Codes: What They Are and How to Fix Them

Samsung dryers are renowned for their energy efficiency and technology-based features. But one thing they are not known for is easy-to-decipher dryer error codes. 

Since Samsung is not the only company whose appliances display error codes, it can be confusing trying to figure out what each letter-number combination means. 

And trying to get rid of those Samsung error codes without understanding them likely won’t help your dryer to function normally again. 

So what should you do? It’s best to first learn why you’re seeing the code, and then call a qualified appliance professional to fix your appliance. 

But before you pick up the phone in a panic to call your local Mr. Appliance expert, consider the quick fix tips below.


Quick Fixes for Samsung Dryer Error Codes

In order to get a good idea of how to fix your dryer quickly and easily, you’ll need to identify the error code that you see. 

Codes related to temperature control issues can be easy to eliminate. Try cleaning your lint trap to rectify the issue.

Other codes that deal with power source and dryer sensor issues may be handled by restarting your dryer and resetting your dryer’s cycle.

If resetting your dryer, cleaning your lint trap, and checking your dryer vents do not eliminate the error code, it may be time to call an appliance technician.


Samsung Dryer Codes and Their Causes

Below are some causes and solutions for Samsung dryer error codes — in both chart and written form — that you may encounter and ways to fix them. If your problem persists after trying some of the simpler solutions, such as cleaning your lint trap, it’s best to let an appliance professional diagnose and treat your dryer’s issue.





dE, do, dF, 1DC, 1dF, dC, d0

Faulty dryer door mechanism

Check the door for stuck laundry. Possibly replace the door latch.

1tCS, tS, 1tc5, t5, 1 tC, tC, tCS, tO, tC5, t0, tE, tE3, 1 HC, HC, hE, HC4

Hotter than usual dryer temperature or malfunctioning temperature sensors 

Clean the lint trap and dryer vent. Call an electrician to check your voltage.

E3, AC, EEE, Et, AE3, AE4, AE5, 1 AC

Internal parts failing to communicate

Turn the dryer off for one minute and turn it on again.


Software update downloading

Wait until the software update is complete.

bE, 6C2, bC2, bE2, 6E, 6E2

Panel button(s) jammed

Turn the dryer off and press the buttons individually. Turn the dryer on again.

9E1, 9C1, 2E, 9E

Voltage issue

Remove dryer from extension cord. Only use dryer in the country it was intended for.


Power source disruption

Restart the dryer cycle.

oD, 1 AC7, 3C, HC2

Dryer sensor issues

Restart the dryer cycle.

Malfunctioning Door

  • Possible Samsung Dryer Error Codes: dE, do, dF, 1DC, 1dF, dC, d0
  • Meaning of Error Codes: Something is wrong with your dryer’s door mechanism. 
  • Ways to Fix the Error: 1. Ensure that there is no laundry stuck in your dryer’s door. 2. Check for damage to the door latch. If it’s damaged, have it replaced by an appliance professional.


Temperature Control Issues 


  • Possible Samsung Dryer Error Codes: 1tCS, tS, 1tc5, t5, 1 tC, tC, tCS, tO, tC5, t0, tE, tE3, 1 HC, HC, hE, HC4
  • Meaning of Error Codes: Your dryer is either overheating or the sensors that measure your dryer’s temperature are faulty.
  • Ways to Fix the Error:  
  1. Empty your dryer’s lint trap.
  2. Have your dryer’s vent cleaned.
  3. If your dryer is electric, call an electrician to have the voltage checked.


Signal Errors

  • Possible Samsung Dryer Error Codes: E3, AC, EEE, Et, AE3, AE4, AE5, 1 AC
  • Meaning of Error Codes: Your dryer’s internal parts aren’t communicating.
  • Ways to Fix the Error: Turn your dryer off for 60 seconds before turning it on again.


Software Download

  • Possible Samsung Dryer Error Code: dn
  • Meaning of Error Code: Your dryer is downloading a software update.
  • Ways to Fix the Error: Allow the update to install. The code should go away once the installation is complete (after 24 hours).


Button Issue

  • Possible Samsung Dryer Error Codes: bE, 6C2, bC2, bE2, 6E, 6E2
  • Meaning of Error Codes: One or more buttons on your dryer panel are jammed.
  • Ways to Fix the Error: Turn off your dryer, and press each button on the panel one by one. Turn your dryer back on.


Voltage Problem

  • Possible Samsung Dryer Error Codes: 9E1, 9C1, 2E, 9E
  • Meaning of Error Codes: There is something wrong with the voltage being transferred to the dryer.
  • Ways to Fix the Error: 
  1. Make sure that your dryer is not hooked up to an extension cord. If it is, remove the cord and plug the dryer into its own power outlet.
  2. Ensure that your Samsung dryer was intended to be used in the country where it’s hooked up. Power grid regulations are often different for each country.


Power Source Error

    • Possible Samsung Dryer Error Codes: FE, 1FC, FC
    • Meaning of Error Codes: There is a disruption issue with your power source. 
    • Ways to Fix the Error: Start the dryer cycle again to see if this rectifies the issue.


Additional Codes

  • Possible Samsung Dryer Error Codes: oD, 1 AC7, 3C, HC2
  • Meaning of Error Codes: All other unlisted error codes are probably due to a defect in your dryer’s sensors.
  • Ways to Fix the Error: 
  1. Turn off your dryer. After 2–3 minutes, power it on and start the cycle again.
  2. Check your user manual or the Samsung website for troubleshooting tips that are specific to the code you see.


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