Washing Machine Repair Austin

When their washing machines stop working, homeowners’ lives are seriously interrupted—but not if they have the number of a reliable technician available for washing machine repair. Austin residents are often frustrated with washers that won’t enter spin cycles or, worse yet, don’t start at all. If that sounds familiar, there’s no need to stress. All you have to do is call your local Austin appliance repair expert, and we’ll fix the problem right away.

Not a fan of the laundromat? When you call us, you won’t even have to consider it. Our qualified team arrives quickly at your home to resolve the issue on the spot. With years of experience diagnosing and repairing major home appliances, our team has the skill and knowledge needed to get your machines in tip-top shape. Mr. Appliance of Austin is the easy pick for all of your household appliance needs, whether you need repair, replacement, or an entire installation.

To learn more about our washing machine repair in Austin, you can reach out to our valued customer service team. Get in touch with us today for more information, or schedule a convenient appointment.

About Our Austin Washing Machine Repair Services

If you’ve ever tried to figure out why your washer won’t drain or simply won’t start, you might have started approaching your tipping point. A wide range of issues can occur in residential appliances, many of which have similar symptoms. For example, a washer that won’t start could be a power problem, but it might also just be that the latch that signals your machine is safe to start is broken. Instead of wasting your afternoon looking up error codes in your user’s manual (if you still have it), one call to Mr. Appliance of Austin will clear things up. Our technicians have seen countless types of washing machines and the issues they encounter, which means they can quickly diagnose what’s going on with yours and repair it right away.

Common Washing Machine Problems We Can Repair

We have in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of washing machines and a deep understanding of every brand, make, and model. Our Austin washer repair technicians can troubleshoot complex problems, bizarre scenarios, and extensive damages and deliver effective solutions quickly. We have fixed countless washing machine malfunctions over the years, including the following issues:

  • Washers that refuse to spin, agitate, drain, or complete cycles. This will leave you with clothing that is still soapy, sopping wet, or simply not clean. These are some of the most frequently encountered issues we hear from Austin customers, where they end up rinsing their clothing by hand.
  • Washers with doors that won’t open or latch. Doors that won’t latch mean your washer will not start. Doors that don’t open mean that you’ll have issues getting your clothing out without using brute force. Never force your washing machine to open; call your local repairman instead. We have specialized tools and know how to prevent unnecessary damage to your machine.
  • Washers that leak. Leaky washers can cause water damage to the surrounding areas of your home if you’re not careful. A leak is a sign that your drainage hose may be clogged or that there is a loose valve or seal somewhere. We will check all possibilities to ensure no water leaks out.
  • Washers that vibrate or make loud noises. Your washer will make a fair bit of sound, but if you notice noises that are louder than normal, something may be wrong. Loud noises are often a sign that your washer is off balance, but you may have issues with your motor as well.
  • Washers that won’t turn on or off. If your washer doesn't start, you could have a power problem. Whether the machine has tripped the circuit breaker or there is a larger electrical issue going on, we’ll get to the bottom of it.
  • Washers that will not dispense laundry detergent. You need laundry detergent to effectively clean your clothing, but if your machine isn’t triggering this function, you may have an issue with the control board or the component that signals this function to start at the beginning of your cycle.
  • Washers with inconsistent water temperature. You set it to the hot cycle, but you get cold water. If this is happening, you may have an issue with the thermostat or the heating elements in your machine, calling for a washing machine repair. Austin homeowners can rely on Mr. Appliance of Austin to get to the bottom of the issue.

Your Local, Reliable Washing Machine Repairman

Give our specialists a call for washing machine repair, Austin, the second you stumble across any sign of a malfunction. We’ll hurry over to investigate the issue and present cost-effective solutions. We know how critical a working washer can be to the flow and function of your weekly routine. Our primary focus is to repair every washer as fast as possible without compromising quality for speed. Whatever the issue, we can fix it.

Washing machine parts we can repair include:

  • Motor pumps
  • Transmissions
  • Lock assemblies
  • Timers
  • Drive belts
  • Control boards
  • Solenoids
  • And much more!

At Mr. Appliance of Austin, our specialty is repairing washing machines with a professional touch. You can count on our technicians to deliver the expertise and meticulous care required to ensure an effective and durable repair. We arrive stocked with specialized gear, equipment, and technologies to tackle appliance repairs urgently. Combine premium tools with the expertise and experience of stellar technicians, and you get the best repair service team money can buy!

Don’t neglect your washing machine repair in Austin, TX! As soon as you discover something is going wrong with your unit, give us a call. Because the operation of washers requires electricity, it’s important that you call a professional. Electrical work should only be carried out by a professional and should never be attempted by homeowners.

Choose Mr. Appliance For Washing Machine Repair, Austin Residents

While it can be tempting to tackle DIY repairs yourself, when it comes to electrical appliances, Austin homeowners should rely on professionals for the job. Mr. Appliance of Austin employs a trustworthy team of technicians who will quickly resolve your appliance issue so that you can get back to your normal daily routines. We’re known for our expertise in the appliance industry, as well as our convenient appointment times and courteous appliance repair service. Why else do our customers love us?

  • Upfront, flat-rate pricing: There will never be any surprises on your final bill. What we quote you at the beginning of your service will be exactly what you pay at the end of it. This helps homeowners plan for repair expenses as they’ll know exactly what to expect.
  • Professional, respectful technicians: Our qualified team has years of experience in the appliance repair industry. We value our customers, and that’s why we show the utmost respect in their homes and their schedules.
  • Workmanship & parts warrantied: When it comes to quality repairs, high-quality parts make a big difference. We only use parts that are guaranteed to last and warranty our labor. If you experience any hiccups with our service, let us know. We’ll always make it right.
  • Special offers: We often offer special offers to our customers. As a locally owned and operated company, we want to help our community thrive.
  • A Neighborly company: As part of Neighborly, Mr. Appliance brings the professional service of a national organization to each and every customer. We also back our work with Neighborly’s Done Right Promise.

We’re equipped to take on repairs for all the major appliances in your kitchen, laundry room, and even outdoor kitchen. Whether you need a dryer repair, refrigerator repair, wine fridge repair, or help with your oven, stove top, and range, garbage disposals, ice machine, or trash compactors, just ask. We can take on multiple services to ensure all of your favorite appliances are working correctly.

We aim to deliver our customers a different kind of service from start to finish. From the moment you call our knowledgeable customer service team, you’ll discover what sets us apart from other repair companies out there. Ready to find out? Get in touch today!

FAQs About Washing Machine Repair in Austin 

Which Washing Machine Brands Do You Repair?

The team at Mr. Appliance of Austin has extensive experience repairing all major brands of appliances and washing machines.

We service washing machine brands such as:

  • Kenmore
  • GE
  • Whirlpool
  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Maytag
  • Electrolux
  • And many more!

Whether you need LG washing machine repair or Samsung washing machine repair, we stock parts for all of these major appliance brands and more and will arrive with them to your appointment. We aim to get your washing machine running again as soon as possible, which means we come prepared. On the off chance that we don’t have the parts you need in stock, we’ll order them in quickly. This will save you the hassle of calling the manufacturer, waiting for the part to arrive, and then having to go pick it up. In all that we do, we want to make the repair process as stress-free and straightforward as possible for our customers.

Can You Repair Washer-Dryer Combos?

Absolutely! If you have a washer-dryer combo, you already know how convenient they are since there's no need to switch your laundry to another machine to dry. But the potential downside is that it can be more difficult to find an experienced technician who is willing and able to handle your washing machine repair. Austin residents don't have to worry about that anymore because they can simply pick up the phone and call our team of experts at Mr. Appliance of Austin. We'll get your washer-dryer combo back in perfect working order so you can get back to your household's daily routines safely and conveniently.

Does My Washing Machine Need to Be Sitting On a Level Surface?

This is a good question to ask because many people don't realize how important it is to have their washing machine on a level surface. That can sometimes be a challenge, especially if you have a concrete laundry room floor that slopes toward a floor drain, but a slanted floor can really impact the performance of a washer and cause extra wear and tear damage that will cause it to need washing machine repair. Austin professionals will tell you that there are solutions to the problem, regardless of how uneven your floor surface is. We recommend installing leveling pads if the slope isn't too severe, which will also provide some cushioning to reduce excessive vibration. If you do have a more pronounced slope to your floor, leveling legs is likely the best solution. They are essentially short legs you can attach to your washer that can be adjusted individually until the machine is sitting level. 

Why Is My Washing Machine Not Draining?

You open your washing machine after the wash cycle is supposedly complete and discover that your laundry is still sitting in a drum full of water. Or, the water is gone, but the drum hasn't been spinning, so your clothes are still sopping wet and can't be put in the dryer. If you have noticed that your washer isn't draining properly, it can be a source of frustration for any Austin homeowner. The cause behind the problem could be due to a number of reasons. For example, pump failure or a clogged drain line, filter, or drain hose could lead to this issue. Additionally, a damaged lid switch or a worn belt could also result in your washer no longer draining correctly.

In the scenario where the water actually has drained, but the drum has not spun off the excess moisture, it is possible that the drum is unbalanced or the spinning mechanism is broken. Normally, your washer will spin your laundry after the draining is complete to whisk off excess water and get it ready to be put in the dryer. On the other hand, if you notice that your washer is making strange sounds or there's water leaking out of it in combination with the draining issues described above, the problem is likely being caused by a broken drain pump that needs to be looked at and replaced before you use your appliance any further. In order to diagnose and pinpoint the exact cause, it’s best to call in a trained professional to identify the issue and provide the necessary fix.

How Long Should a Washing Machine Last?

Your washing machine should last 10 to 15 years. So if it's reaching that time, you may want to consider a replacement. Frequent repairs and decreasing energy efficiency can cost you more money in the long run. That said, our Austin washing machine replacement experts provide our professional recommendations and let you, the customer, make the final decision. You can also count on our team to offer sound, honest, and professional advice.

Is it Cheaper to Replace a Washer or Call for Austin Washing Machine Repair?

Typically, repairs will always be cheaper, but they’re not always recommended. When we inspect your washing machine, we’ll find out what’s causing the problem. It may be a few different things. Since washing machines can last 10 to 15 years, if your unit is past the 10-year mark and your repairs will cost 50% of what a new machine does, we recommend that you replace it. While this may seem like a high cost at first, if your current machine is experiencing numerous issues, it’s likely that you’ll have to get the repairs frequently. In the grand scheme of things, it just makes more sense to get a new unit. When purchasing a new washing machine, we’ll help you find a brand and model that fits your needs and budget.

Does It Really Matter If You Overload a Washing Machine?

The answer is yes, it definitely matters—but we do understand why it happens. When you've got a large family that loves to change outfits at a moment's notice, the laundry pile can seem like it's never-ending, and sometimes it really feels like the best solution is to just cram as many clothes into the washer as you possibly can. There are some pretty big reasons why you should resist the urge to overload your washer, though.

Firstly, it's really hard on your washer, and the machine will end up suffering accelerated wear and tear damage, which will cause it to break down sooner rather than later and require washing machine repair. Austin homeowners often find washers that are overloaded on a regular basis end up with major problems like water leaks and misaligned drums that can be difficult to deal with. 

Secondly, it's important to keep in mind that overloading might not really save you as much time as you think. It's just not going to get your clothes as clean as they would otherwise because there's not enough room for the laundry detergent to get properly worked through all the fabric and rinsed. That means you may end up having to redo the load of laundry anyway. Or worse, the overloading could actually cause your clothing to become damaged in the wash, leading to rips and popped seams that will force you to repair or replace your damaged clothes.

Need a Swift Washing Machine Repair in Austin? Call Mr. Appliance of Austin Now!

From confusing error codes to sopping wet laundry, while washers help create more convenience in our lives, they can also cause a lot of frustration. What’s worse is that figuring out what’s causing these issues can be difficult for Austin homeowners, and since these modern appliances rely on electricity to run, they’re not something they should be tackling on their own.

That’s where we come in. Mr. Appliance of Austin is your friendly neighborhood appliance repair technician with ample experience in diagnosing and resolving all of your appliance woes. Our skilled team of experts is ready to serve Austin and the surrounding areas of Windsor Park, Del Valle, and Zilker with the professional, fast service they need.

Whether you need to replace, realign, clean, or upgrade a clothes washer part, we have the skills to handle each repair job correctly. Our top priority is to restore your washing machine affordably and durably. We do everything we can to provide appointments at convenient times, punctual service technicians, and reliable warranties. Reach out anytime to discuss your specific situation, and we’ll offer an upfront estimate – free of hidden fees.

Ready to schedule a residential washing machine repair in Austin, TX? Don’t hesitate another day! Call us right away to get the situation handled like a pro!

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