Washing Machine Repair Services in West Las Vegas

Las Vegas’s extreme heat can take a toll on your most-used and loved appliances, including your washing machine. Maintaining this heavy-duty machine is important because a malfunction can create chaos in your home. Have you ever tried to go a day without clean clothes? Trust us; it isn’t pretty.

Fortunately, you have Mr. Appliance of West Las Vegas on your side. Our appliance repair technicians follow a detailed process to promptly evaluate and address your washer’s issues. We aim to get your washing machine up and running efficiently to save you money over time and extend its lifespan to 13 years or more.

Whether your washer is leaking water, won’t agitate, or isn’t turning on at all, we have the tools and know-how to repair it as soon as possible.

How Do I Keep My Washing Machine Maintained?

When you own and use a major appliance often, it’s vital to maintain it. However, many homeowners aren’t aware that simple actions will allow a washing machine to function effectively.

A few things you can do to keep your washing machine maintained include:

  • Regular cleanings – While your washing machine is charged with keeping your clothes clean, who is keeping it clean? Cleaning the drum, door, and dispenser once a month will help your washing machine last longer.
  • Inspecting hoses – At least every month, check hoses to ensure there are no cracks, rips, or other damage that could create issues.
  • Transfer clean laundry – Leaving clean laundry in the drum for more than a few hours can cause bacteria growth, foul odors, and drum deterioration.
  • Using the right detergent – If you have a high-efficiency (HE) washer, you should always use detergent with the HE symbol. Otherwise, you could force your washer to overwork to compensate for the wrong detergent.

If these tips are ineffective and you’re experiencing serious washing machine issues, our West Las Vegas technicians are always here to help!

Some of the Most Common Washer Issues

Issues with your washing machine can seemingly come out of nowhere, or you may have missed some important signs your appliance was trying to send. Either way, you’re probably knee-deep in an appliance malfunction and unsure what to do. If you’re experiencing any of the appliance problems below, we’re the appliance repair team to help!

It’s Not Turning On

When your washing machine doesn’t turn on, the first things we check are the plug and the breaker. Many homeowners assume a washing machine that won’t turn on must be past its prime. In reality, it’s not plugged in completely, or the breaker tripped. Double-check those two things first before putting your washer out to pasture.

It Smells

Foul odors inside your washing machine could be old clothes that haven’t made it into the dryer or mildew and mold growing inside the drum or dispenser. Disinfecting your washer with white vinegar and water will kill bacteria and freshen it.

It’s Leaking

If you’ve discovered pooling water under your washing machine, it could be a sign that you have clogged drains, your washer isn’t balanced, or your hoses are worn. Regardless of the cause, a leaky washing machine requires professional help.

Our West Las Vegas washing machine repair technicians are here to support you with comprehensive repair solutions that give you peace of mind and leave you completely satisfied with the results.

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