Residential Refrigerator Repair in West Las Vegas

Durable Repair Services for Every Household

If your refrigerator is not working properly, it may be due to several common refrigerator repair problems, including a broken thermostat, a defective evaporator fan, or a faulty ice maker. Mr. Appliance of West Las Vegas is ready to come to the rescue! We realize you likely have perishable food items on the verge of rotting and spoiling. Our expert appliance specialists apply in-depth experience and cutting-edge tools to provide time-sensitive repairs.

Give us a call if you encounter:

  • Water pooling on the floor
  • Insufficient fridge or freezer temperatures
  • Constant cycling
  • Warm fresh food compartments
  • A sheet of ice on the freezer floor.
  • A buildup of frost in the ice dispenser
  • Frozen food in the refrigerator
  • And much more!

Don’t hesitate to reach out! Hire our technicians to troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair your refrigerator before it is too late!

We Can Help Find Compatible Replacement Parts

Our residential appliance repair experts rely on a versatile toolbox and industry-best connections to deliver affordable services. We have access to countless refrigerator replacement parts and premium products. Our vast inventory of accessories allows us to expedite most repair services. If a specialty part needs to be ordered to complete a repair, we will do so without delay. We will ensure the specs match your refrigerator’s specific make and model.

We can perform refrigerator repairs on virtually any brand, make, or model. We also have experience dealing with every imaginable malfunction. Our team can fix issues with:

  • Solenoids, rubber gaskets, and valves
  • Compressors and water filters
  • Hoses and evaporator coils
  • Broken light sources
  • And much more!

Our technicians are highly versed and trained. We recommend thinking twice before taking the DIY route or relying on an uncertified handyman to handle complex refrigerator problems. Our technicians follow proven techniques to deliver long-lasting solutions you can trust. We are so confident in our workmanship that we offer service guarantees and warranties on parts. There is simply no one more prepared to restore your refrigerator.

To request a cost-effective refrigerator repair, call or reach out online today!

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