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Don't let a broken dryer disrupt your day. Whether your gas dryer is completely out of order or just not performing up to par, it's crucial to address the issue promptly to avoid further complications and unnecessary expenses. Trust the skilled technicians at Mr. Appliance® of Urbandale in your area for exceptional gas dryer repair services.

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Gas Dryer vs. Electric Dryer: What You Need to Know

When it comes to drying your clothes, you have two options: a gas dryer or an electric dryer. Both work by using warm air to evaporate moisture from your wet clothes in a rotating drum. However, there are some important differences to consider.

Let's start with cost and installation. Electric dryers are generally cheaper to buy and easier to install than gas dryers. On the other hand, gas dryers are known for being slightly more efficient and economical in the long run. You could recoup the cost difference between a gas dryer and an electric dryer in approximately five years. Plus, gas dryers tend to dry clothes a bit faster than their electric counterparts.

But it's not just about cost and efficiency. Both gas and electric dryers require proper venting, but gas dryers have additional considerations. They need a special gas hookup and release more carbon emissions, which can have environmental implications. There's also a risk of carbon monoxide exposure with gas dryers. That's why we offer dedicated dryer vent cleaning services to prevent potential fire hazards as a separate, stand-alone service.

At Mr. Appliance® of Urbandale, we provide affordable repair services for both electric dryers and gas dryers. Count on us to keep your laundry routine running smoothly and safely.

Discover the Top Gas Dryer Brands We Expertly Service 

  • Samsung
  • Maytag
  • LG
  • Whirlpool
  • Kenmore
  • GE

Get Your Gas Dryer Working Again with Our Replacement Parts

Is your gas dryer not functioning properly? Don't worry, it's likely just a matter of replacing a part. At Mr. Appliance® of Urbandale, we offer a wide selection of the most common parts required for gas dryer repair. 

  • Thermostats: Regulate heat levels within your dryer, ensuring it doesn't get too hot or fail to heat up.
  • Motors: Responsible for rotating the dryer drum and circulating heat. Without a working motor, there will be no warm air for your clothes.
  • Belts: Attach to the motor and help the drum spin. A worn-out belt can prevent your dryer from operating.
  • Idler pulleys: Put tension on the belt, allowing it to grip the drum and tumble. If the pulley is worn out, the drum won't rotate properly.
  • Fuses: Essential safety devices that prevent fires when the dryer overheats. If the fuse blows, your dryer won't start.
  • Timers: Adjust the heat setting during the drying cycle. A faulty timer can cause uneven drying and longer cycles.
  • Heating coils: Heat up the air that enters the electric dryer. Non-functional coils won't properly heat your dryer.
  • Rollers: Support the drum as it turns. Worn-out rollers can cause the drum to move excessively, potentially damaging the unit.

Don't let a broken part keep your gas dryer from working. Visit us to find the replacement parts you need to get your dryer back up and running efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions: Dryers

Can't Start Your Gas Dryer? We've Got Answers

If your gas dryer won't start, there could be a variety of reasons behind it. From a failed thermal fuse, door switch, starter, belt drive, to the motor - any of these could be the culprit. Additionally, a blown circuit might be the cause, cutting off power to the dryer. For a precise diagnosis, reach out to Mr. Appliance® of Urbandale’s repair professional.

What to Expect from a Gas Dryer Hookup

Curious about what a gas dryer hookup looks like? While it may generally be coated in yellow, it can also be a braided stainless steel line. Keep in mind that the electrical hook-up is a standard 120-volt cord, not the larger 220-volt cord you would find with an electric dryer.

Understanding the Power Requirements of a Gas Dryer

No need for a 220-volt outlet with a gas dryer. This type of dryer can easily be plugged into a standard 120-volt outlet. On the other hand, electric dryers require the extra power provided by a 220-volt outlet.

The Role of a Gas Dryer Thermal Fuse

A gas dryer thermal fuse is a safety device that kicks in if the airflow within the dryer becomes too hot. Usually, a blocked exhaust vent is the main reason why the fuse trips.

Is that Gas Smell Coming from Your Dryer?

If your dryer smells like gas, it's crucial to take action immediately. Stop using the dryer and contact your local gas company right away. Once the gas company confirms the safety of the dryer, reach out to  Mr. Appliance® of Urbandale if the dryer was indeed responsible for the gas leak.

Don't Forget to Vent Your Gas Dryer

Yes, you do need a vent for your gas dryer. Vented outside, the carbon dioxide produced by the dryer is removed, reducing any potential risk of mildew growth in your laundry space.

Contact Mr. Appliance® of Urbandale today for a reliable and efficient gas dryer repair. Trust us to ensure your laundry runs smoothly and safely for a hassle-free experience.

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