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  • Remove Those Cooking Racks for Cleaning!

    November 10, 2017
    With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, clean and well maintained appliances are a must before you start you big cooking campaign. If you are going to use the self-clean function of your oven, don’t make the mistake a lot of homeowners do. Remove the cooking racks! That’s right, the racks are not meant to stay in the oven for the self-clean function. Wash the racks in hot soap and water, and they ...
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  • Thanksgiving Kitchen Cleanup

    November 2, 2017
    With Thanksgiving just around the corner, a lot of you will have family and friends over to partake in great food and fun times. Preparing the food always needs to be done in a safe manner. One thing I see every year is that people will try to lessen the cleanup time in the kitchen by placing aluminum foil under the eyes of cooktops, and even in the bottom of ovens. This is never a good idea, as ...
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  • Thanksgiving is Right Around the Corner

    October 23, 2017
    OK San Antonio, there are less than 22 repairs days left before Thanksgiving. If you have been putting off getting the cooktop burner fixed, or the oven checked…now is the time to get it taken care of. Don’t wait until you have a house full of friends and relatives looking forward to that great meal, only to find out that your appliances aren’t working correctly. Give us a call, or better yet, ...
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