Sub-Zero appliances are known for their quality, but even the best appliances will sometimes need repairs, too! That's where we come in.

Our experienced technicians at Mr. Appliance® of Salem, MA are ready to help you with your Sub-Zero appliance concerns. We offer Sub-Zero repair services that diagnose and fix any issue with your refrigerator, freezer, ice maker, or wine cooler. We prioritize customer satisfaction and use only genuine parts to ensure a lasting repair.

Chill and freeze your foods and drinks again with your fully functioning Sub-Zero appliances! Schedule our services now to have your Sub-Zero appliances checked!

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Sub-Zero Appliance We Can Fix

There’s no Sub-Zero appliance we can’t fix! Our team of sub-zero technicians has extensive experience repairing all Sub-Zero models, including:

  • Built-in Refrigerators
  • Freestanding Refrigerators
  • Freezers
  • Ice makers
  • Wine coolers

Signs You Need Sub-Zero Appliance Repair in Salem, MA

If your Sub-Zero appliance is faulty or broken, it will show important signs you need to watch out for. These might include:

  • Temperature Issues: Your refrigerator isn't cold enough, your freezer isn't freezing properly, or your wine cooler isn't maintaining the right temperature.
  • Leaking: Water is pooling around your appliance, or you notice ice buildup outside the unit.
  • Unusual Noises: Your appliance is making loud noises, grinding, or clicking sounds that weren't there before.
  • Dispensing Problems: Your ice maker isn't dispensing ice as expected from it.
  • Lighting Issues: The interior lights in your appliance aren't turning on.

Common Sub-Zero Appliance Issues

Our technicians have encountered and fixed a wide range of Sub-Zero appliance problems, including:

  • Faulty compressor: This is the core of your appliance's cooling system, and if it malfunctions, your unit won't maintain proper temperatures.
  • Defrosting problems: Ice buildup can prevent your appliance from functioning correctly.
  • Leaking water dispenser: A faulty water line or dispenser component in the appliance can create a leak.
  • Clogged drain line: This can cause water to leak or pool around your Sub-Zero appliance.
  • Faulty ice maker components: Worn-out parts or a malfunctioning sensor can prevent your ice maker from producing ice.
  • Faulty control board: The control board regulates various functions, and a malfunction here can cause a variety of issues.

Why Choose Us for Your Sub-Zero Repair Needs?

  1. Expertise: Our technicians are factory-certified by Sub-Zero, which means they have undergone rigorous training and are qualified to work on all Sub-Zero models.
  2. Access to Genuine Parts: We only use genuine Sub-Zero parts for repairs to ensure appliance optimal performance and reliability.
  3. Warranty: We offer a warranty on our repairs, giving you peace of mind knowing your investment is protected.
  4. High-Quality Repairs: We take pride in our workmanship and are committed to providing you with long-lasting repairs.
  5. Customer Satisfaction: We strive to provide excellent customer service from when you call until the job is complete.

FAQs about Sub-Zero Repair Services

Is it Worth Repairing a Sub-Zero Refrigerator?

Generally, Sub-Zero appliances are built-to-last, and repairs can be a good investment if your appliance is relatively new and the issue is minor.

Why is My Sub-Zero Fridge not Cooling?

Your fridge is not cooling due to a faulty compressor, a clogged condenser coil, a malfunctioning defrost system, or a dirty air filter.

Why Does My Sub-Zero Refrigerator Have Ice Buildup?

Reasons for the ice buildup include a faulty defrost system, faulty door seals, or leaving the door open for too long.

By choosing Mr. Appliance® of Salem, MA for your Sub-Zero appliance repair needs, you can rest assured that your appliance is in good hands. We offer expert service, top-quality repairs, and a commitment to your satisfaction.

Schedule an appointment with us now for a quick diagnosis on your Sub-Zero appliance!

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