Glass top stoves have a sleek appearance that’s nearly unmatched when it comes to modern kitchen décor. However, glass can be prone to breakage, and if you’re not careful, your chic appliance can become a risk for those in your household. If your glass top stove happens to crack, consider taking action to have it replaced immediately.

A crack in the glass not only ruins the aesthetic of your kitchen, but it also poses a number of safety hazards including:

  • Risk of fire
  • Increased chance of electric shocks
  • Shattered glass that causes cuts or burns

Our appliance professionals replace cracked glass top stoves to ensure that you and your family remain safe. Schedule an appointment online to get started on your replacement.

Causes for Your Broken Glass Top

Knowing the cause of your cracked glass top can help you avoid any further damage in the future. 

If you’re not sure why your glass has cracked, read on to learn about some potential causes.

Thermal Shock

Thermal shock occurs when a surface such as glass experiences a sudden increase or drop in temperature. 

When you place hot cookware on a cold glass top, the heated glass expands while the cooler glass parts contract. This sudden contrast can create cracks. Cold items placed on a hot glass top can also cause uneven contraction and subsequent cracks.

Mechanical Stress

Mechanical stress happens when a surface is manipulated based on the amount of stress applied. In the case of a glass top stove, mechanical stress could be considered any of the following:

  • Brute force impact
  • Heavier weight on one side of the glass than the other
  • Aggressive pushing or pulling on one side of the glass

Any of the above could result in cracked glass and should be avoided.

Normal Wear and Tear

Over time, your glass top may develop nicks or scratches from normal wear and tear. Although this damage would be considered routine, it weakens the glass and makes it more susceptible to cracks.

Poor Insulation

Your glass top could be poorly insulated. When this happens, heat cannot spread evenly throughout the surface. The uneven heating can cause cracks to form in the glass.

Manufacturing Defect

If your glass top stove originally came with small chips or other imperfections, the glass was already weak and prone to breakage from day one. It would then take less effort to crack the glass.


While this possibility may seem the most obvious of them all, you would be surprised by how heat changes your glass’s ability to break. If you were to drop something heavy on your glass surface when it’s hot, you could more easily crack it from the impact.

What to Do If Your Glass Top Stove Cracks

If your glass top stove cracks, don’t panic. Instead, follow these steps to encourage a safe and seamless stove top repair:

  1. Make sure your stove is turned off.
  2. Don’t continue to use the stove. Instead, put something over the crack to prevent food from getting wedged into it.
  3. Call your local appliance professional to replace your glass top.

How to Avoid Cracking Your Glass Top in the Future

There are ways to preserve your glass top stove so that it doesn’t crack, even years down the line. Here are some tips to help your stove stay pleasing to the eye and safe to use:

  • Never place hot cookware on your cool glass top.
  • In order to reduce the chance of drastic temperature changes, avoid cleaning your hot glass top with cold water.
  • Try not to drop heavy items on the glass surface. Even if this doesn’t cause an immediate crack, it can create damage that weakens the glass over time.
  • Address any and all damage to your glass right away to ensure that it stays strong with continuous use.

Let Mr. Appliance Replace Your Glass Top

A cracked glass top stove not only prevents you from cooking in your kitchen, but it also puts you and your family in unnecessary danger. Don’t wait to take action. Call our appliance professionals for expert glass top replacement.

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