Why Is My Refrigerator Not Cooling?

A refrigerator must stay below 40 degrees Fahrenheit to properly cool your food. When interior refrigerator temperatures rise above this level, it can lead to rotten food. Keep your home meals fresh when you schedule refrigerator repair with Mr. Appliance of Rancho Cucamonga. Our appliance repair experts will troubleshoot to find a solution for your refrigerator. Once we’ve completed an appointment, you can return to preparing delicious home-cooked meals and snacks. 

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Easy Solutions for a Fridge Not Cooling

Our appliance repair experts have years of experience with repairing refrigerators. We can find solutions to all types of refrigerator problems. Some of these repairs can also be done by yourself! Before scheduling an appointment with us, run through this list of potential fixes. It could save you an embarrassing conversation with a repair technician down the line.

1. The refrigerator isn’t plugged in.

As basic as it sounds, sometimes a refrigerator can become unplugged, causing it to lose power. Check your cord before calling a repair technician. 

2. Your doors aren’t closing properly.

The gaskets are the flexible elastic strips around the edge of your refrigerator. When these become worn down, they can cause the seal to become broken, allowing cold air to escape. If your gaskets are torn or loose, replace them and see if it makes a difference.

3. The cold air can’t circulate.

Sometimes, boxes of food can block the vents of a refrigerator. Try reorganizing the food within your refrigerator. As simple as it sounds, sometimes this is just what your unit needs to generate cold air once again.

4. The thermostat isn’t set appropriately.

Locate your thermostat and check on its temperature. If it is turned down, it must be set to the correct temperature. If you are having trouble finding your thermostat, most side-by-side freezers have theirs in the back, while over-under units have their thermostat underneath.

Common Refrigerator Repairs We Solve

Although there are multiple repair solutions homeowners can execute themselves, most repairs must be performed by a professional. Mr. Appliance of Rancho Cucamonga can help find a solution to your problems. Listed below are some of the most common refrigerator repairs we provide.

Refrigerator is Constantly Cycling - A refrigerator that cycles too frequently can raise your energy bills and produce unnecessary noise. Usually, the cause behind this is dust buildup around the condenser coils. 

Refrigerator Leaks Water - If you have recently spotted pools of water under the base of your refrigerator, you could have a blocked defrost drain or a clogged water supply line. Our repair experts can examine your water supply line and clear the defrost drain.

Your Evaporator Fan is Broken - An evaporator fan blows cold air throughout your unit. When this breaks down, your refrigerator will lack the cold air it needs to cool your food. Schedule an appointment with Mr. Appliance of Rancho Cucamonga and take your unit in the right direction.

Condenser Fan isn’t Working - When your condenser fan fails to work, the temperatures of your refrigerator can begin to rise. Protect your refrigerator’s temperatures by scheduling an appointment today.

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