Residential Appliance Repair in Salt Lake City

It's critical to keep your home’s appliances in tip-top shape. If you don't, you'll be dealing with flooded floors, larger-than-life electricity bills, and piles of dirty dishes and laundry. At Mr. Appliance of Salt Lake City, we help homeowners in Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas keep their appliances from malfunctioning, repair problems that arise, and ensure that their home remains comfortable and their appliances continue working the best they ever have!

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What Appliances Can Be Repaired?

Good news! With our countless years of serving Salt Lake City and the nearby areas, there’s rarely an appliance problem we haven’t seen.

Our top-rated home appliance repair techs can repair just about any type of household appliance you own, particularly those found in your kitchen or laundry room. Oh - - be sure to stop by our special offers page to see how you can save on your home appliance repair service.

Range Repair

Your home's range can experience a handful of problems. Whether in the stove-top or oven, our team can get down to the problem and assist with any types of repairs, including heating element replacements and vent hood service. Call us for prompt oven, range, and stove repair in Salt Lake City.

Refrigerator Repair

Your home's fridge is the focal point and probably the most important thing in your kitchen. When things go wrong, such as a broken ice or water dispenser, the continuing buildup of frost in the freezer, or a blocked drain causing wet floors, our team will respond quickly to restore your kitchen's functionality. Count on us for speedy, expert residential refrigerator repair.

Dishwasher Repair

Dishwashers are a great appliance to have at home, but they can cause more trouble than good when not working correctly. Whether your dishes are coming out dirty, wet, or your dishwasher has caused water damage to your floor, we're able to complete the proper dishwasher part replacements and repairs needed to help you avoid handwashing your dishes.

Washing Machine Repair

Washing machines aren't free of their problems. If you notice any signs of issues such as a constant knocking noise, a foul smell, or noticed that your clothes aren’t getting as clean as they should, give our team a call. We'll stop problems early on, helping you extend the life of your favorite laundry room appliance. Need residential washer repair? Schedule your service today online.

Dryer Repair

If it's time to stop running your dryer two or three times to ensure thoroughly dried clothes or hanging your clothes out to dry, our team can help. While dryer vent cleaning can help restore efficiency to your unit, you may need to have our team complete a drum roller, belt, motor repair, or replacement. Whatever it is, our residential dryer repair professionals will help you put a stop to your dryer problems.

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Broken Appliance? Turn to The Experts in Household Appliance Repair

When dealing with your home's faulty appliances, the best choice is to turn to our experts before you attempt DIY appliance repairs on your own or waste money on a replacement unit.

Turning to our Salt Lake City team will ensure the repair is completed by a certified technician and backed by Mr. Appliance of Salt Lake City's one-year warranty on all parts and labor. Our friendly and reputable technicians are standing by, ready to get you up and running again in no time at all.

Don't delay – save your favorite appliance today! Give our team a call to request your appointment with our Salt Lake City professionals.

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