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Preserving Your Washer with Comprehensive Solutions

A broken washing machine can mean a lack of clean clothes and disruption in your normal routine. You can't afford to have this vital appliance down for even a second, and Mr. Appliance of Salt Lake City understands that. This is why we offer competitively priced washing machine repair services for homeowners in and around Salt Lake City.

Our technicians work with integrity, delivering honest prices and exceptional repairs to keep your washer operating efficiently. As local appliance repair experts, we've worked on various washer brands, including Maytag, GE, LG, Kenmore, Samsung, and many more. We also have experience repairing standard and high-end washers from top load to front load.

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Our team comes equipped with the tools and parts needed to complete your repairs within a couple of hours, so we don't have to return to finish the job. You can trust that our committed washing machine repair pros will work diligently to get your appliance repaired effectively and as quickly as possible.

Why Is My Washer Making Loud and Strange Sounds?

Loud noises during a spin cycle are never a good thing. Because your washing machine is a complicated appliance, it's always a good idea to have one of our Salt Lake City appliance repair technicians take a look first. The issue with assessing the problem is that there are various reasons why your washing machine could be making strange sounds. The good news is we're experienced at thoroughly evaluating your washing machine to locate the problem.


One of the most common reasons your washer makes strange sounds is that you've added an extremely large load of clothes. There may be an imbalance when you overload your washing machine, resulting in your appliance bouncing around.

Old Bearings

The bearings allow the drum to move freely without resistance. When you have old or faulty bearings, you'll get noises accompanying the spinning drum. These sounds will get louder and more erratic, indicating that the bearings are the issue.

Worn Out Belt

Most household appliances have some sort of belt that helps gears and mechanisms move. When a belt is worn, it can start to make strange sounds when the tub spins. Unlike old bearings, the noises typically won't become louder, but you may notice other components begin to malfunction due to a worn-out belt.

Damaged Shock Absorbers

Like a car, your washing machine has shock absorbers under the drum to absorb the spinning tub's impact and keep it centered. If your shock absorbers are damaged, you’ll get loud sounds from the drum being imbalanced and hitting the frame of the washing machine.

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