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Refrigerator Repair in Colorado Springs

Why Is My Fridge Not Cooling?

Average Lifespan of Appliances in North Colorado SpringsOne of the most common issues we encounter is a refrigerator that isn’t cold enough or isn’t cooling at all. And sometimes, it could be as simple as a tripped breaker or as complicated as a damaged internal component. Either way, our experienced specialists are ready to tackle the problems head-on.

  • Inaccurate Thermostat Setting - One of the easiest ways to fix temperature issues is to check that your thermostat has the correct setting for your needs. Kids or guests in your home could be knowingly/unknowingly adjusting your thermostat. The ideal refrigerator temperature is 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything higher could cause food to freeze. If everything looks good and you’re still experiencing problems, reach out to our team for help.
  • Vents are Blocked - Improper ventilation internally or externally can cause temperature inaccuracies. Refrigerators should have at least a quarter-inch clearance from the wall, and food containers should never block internal vents. We recommend cleaning out your fridge at least once a month to ensure adequate air circulation.
  • Damaged Control Board - Most modern refrigerators use a main control circuit board and temperature control board. When either malfunctions or is damaged, it could be the primary culprit in temperature issues. While this may seem like an easy fix, it can be difficult for someone inexperienced to diagnose, which is why a professional should be called to take care of it.

Nowadays, some refrigerators have so many bells and whistles that they can rival smartphones! While refrigerators help elevate the visual appeal of your kitchen, they are also safe food storage options that prevent harmful bacteria from growing on perishable items. We know you can’t afford to go even a day without your fridge, which is why Mr. Appliance of the Front Range offers refrigerator repair services for Colorado Springs families.

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Do Refrigerators Usually Make Noise?

Refrigerators do make noise when they're working normally. As long as the various sounds it's making (buzzing, popping, creaking, etc.) aren't too loud, it should be normal. But if you hear a different sound than you normally would, or just a loud sound from it, it may be a good idea to keep an eye on it. If the sounds persist, it's probably a good idea to reach out to a refrigerator repair specialist sooner rather than later.

Refrigerator Repair Specialists that Have Your Back

We understand the importance of storing leftovers in an efficiently operating refrigerator, knowing that this is a huge blow to your daily schedule. Our qualified and courteous appliance repair technicians are customer-focused, ensuring you get prompt and accurate solutions immediately. You can rest assured that our committed professionals will assess and address your appliance’s issues so you can get back to life as normal.

Our Colorado Springs appliance repair specialists are trusted in the area because:

  • We care about your needs and want you to have an efficiently operating appliance.
  • We offer industry-leading warranties for up to one-year post-residential services.
  • We have experience with standard and high-end refrigerators.
  • We have worked on various brands, including GE, Frigidaire, Maytag, Samsung, and more.

We genuinely care about the well-being of you and your loved ones, and that’s why the community puts its faith in us. Homeowners like you in the area deserve expert appliance repair professionals to use everything in our arsenal to get your major appliance back up and running again.

Schedule service online or call (719) 309-4259 for more information about pricing for refrigerator repair in Colorado Springs.

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