Memphis Commercial Appliance Repair

Without all the appliances in your business running optimally, your company is going to lose money one way or another. For example, a defective commercial freezer in your restaurant could force you to close your doors until it is up and running again. When this happens, you need speedy and expert Memphis commercial appliance repair techs ASAP, and that's exactly why we're here!

When time is money, and you’re losing it because of a broken commercial appliance, count on no one other than our reputable experts at Mr. Appliance of Memphis. For decades, our crews have been repairing all types of major, commercial, and large-scale appliances for all sorts of businesses and corporations. So if you have an appliance that is acting up, you can count on our Memphis commercial appliance repair experts to be there!

Give us a call or reach out to us online to book your Memphis commercial appliance repair service. We'll be out ASAP to service your broken appliance!

About Our Convenient Memphis Commercial Appliance Repair Services

When it comes to their company, business owners know how important it is to have appliances that work perfectly. One small fault in their oven or dishwasher means operations can’t go as usual, and in some extreme cases, businesses will even need to close down for the day until they get their appliances fixed. Don’t wait until the last minute to seek Memphis commercial appliance repair. Scheduling regular maintenance can help prevent the need for oven repair, refrigerator repair, or dryer repair in the first place.

But while we know this is true, we also know that sometimes, issues crop up out of nowhere, and that’s why we’re here. Offering dependable, timely service that business owners can count on in times of need, Mr. Appliance is here to help solve a wide range of technical problems with your company appliances, not limited to part replacement, cleaning, and regular servicing. If your machine is at the end of its life, we can even help you order a new one.

Local Memphis Commercial Appliance Repair Near You!

At Mr. Appliance of Memphis, we know commercial appliances inside and out. Due to our franchise’s history and industry experience, we can quickly get any part or component needed for business appliance repair and maintenance jobs. You’ll be amazed at how quickly we can conduct quality repairs without sacrificing the leading quality of our workmanship.

Give us a call if you need repairs for your:

  • Commercial refrigerator or freezer
  • Commercial dishwasher
  • Walk-in freezer or cooler
  • Stove or oven for your industrial kitchen
  • Commercial ice makers
  • Commercial deep fryers
  • Washers and dryers in laundry facilities

Don’t see your need on the list? Don’t stress. Give our professional team a call and ask. Chances are that we have the tools and experience to fix it. We aim to exceed all customer expectations when it comes to Memphis commercial appliance repair, and that means offering a comprehensive list of services that meets local business owners’ needs.

Get Washing Machine Repairs ASAP

If you're running a business with commercial appliances, it is safe to say they're a vital part of your operation. But appliances break, and if one of those appliances is a washing machine, the impact on your business could be devastating. Washing machines are one of the most important pieces of equipment in any laundromat or other commercial laundry business. When they break down, it can cause a major disruption to your operations.

That's why it's so important to get a washing machine repair ASAP when something goes wrong. The sooner you can get your washing machine up and running again, the better. But how do you know when it's time to call in a professional?

There are a few things that you can look for that will indicate that it's time to get washing machine repairs ASAP:

  1. If your washing machine is making strange noises, it's definitely time to get it looked at. Strange noises can indicate that there's something wrong with the washing machine's motor or other internal components.
  2. If your washing machine isn't draining properly, that's another sign that something is wrong. If water is pooling in the washing machine or not draining out completely, it could be a clog or another issue.
  3. If your washing machine isn't washing clothes properly, that's yet another sign that something is wrong. If clothes are coming out dirty or not getting as clean as they should be, it's time to get washing machine repairs ASAP.

If you notice any of these issues with your washing machine, don't hesitate to call a professional for repairs. The sooner you can get your washing machine fixed, the better. Looking for a Memphis commercial appliance repair service near me? Give us a call at (901) 621-5728 to get washing machine repairs ASAP!

Why Mr. Appliance For Memphis Commercial Appliance Repair?

Memphis commercial appliance repair is of the utmost importance. The chaos of being without the thing that helps your business thrive can put you in a panic. Tackling the repair of a commercial washing machine, stove, or dishwasher isn’t something local business owners should do themselves. While similar to home appliances, these machines are made for more frequent use, wear and tear, and have different parts and sometimes different mechanisms. That’s why leaving the job to a professional appliance repair company is a smart choice for a Memphis food service business or a laundromat owner, or anyone else who owns commercial equipment.

You have your choices when it comes to handymen services in Memphis. But why would you risk your business on services from a novice when you can count on our Memphis commercial appliance repair team? 

At Mr. Appliance of Memphis, we:

  • We have flat-rate pricing based on the job, not the hour. This means there are no surprises when we hand you the bill. Unless your repair requires a special part, you won’t pay a cent more than what we quote you for the labor. With no surprise costs, you can budget and plan ahead for the future.
  • We are backed by over 3,000 reviews. Visit our testimonials page to see why our customers love our services. From exceptional customer service to high-quality workmanship, while our skill speaks for itself, our customers do a great job at speaking up for us, too.
  • We provide services to your schedule. Whatever time throughout the day you need your repair completed, we’ll make it work. Our team works hard to offer a service that fits into the schedules of busy business owners. So don’t worry about skipping your important meeting just to let us in for a repair. We’ll work around your needs.
  • Perhaps most important of all, we know your company is relying on us to fix your commercial appliance and fast – we show the urgency to match! Our reliable appliance technicians will arrive on time when you need us most. We’ll be there in uniform, ready to complete the job quickly so that you can get back on with what matters most.

There are many reasons to stop business, but a broken appliance should not be one of them! Our top-tier service is one Memphis business owners can rely on, not just for excellent service but transparent pricing and convenience too! Don’t stop your business for a broken appliance. Call us or visit our contact us page to get Memphis commercial appliance repair today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Memphis Commercial Appliance Repair

Is it Cheaper to Repair or Replace My Dishwasher?

Commercial dishwashers are pretty expensive and could take a while to have installed. As such, we'd recommend giving us a call first to see if your commercial dishwasher can be saved with a repair. Some business owners believe that it would be easier to just replace their dishwasher rather than repair it. That’s only because they haven’t experienced the convenient service Mr. Appliance offers.

On top of that, going the repair route can also save you quite a bit of money and be more convenient for you. Sometimes, all that’s needed to get your dishwasher or oven back up and running is one small part, and that’s why involving a professional is always a good idea. We have the expertise needed to properly diagnose issues and solve them on the spot whether you need commercial kitchen appliance repair or any other type of appliance repair service! At Mr. Appliance of Memphis, we service according to your schedule for that added level of convenience!

Why Did My Commercial Ice Machine Stop Working?

If your ice machine isn’t working, don’t throw your arms up in a panic. Here are a few things you can check before calling us:

  • The ice machine’s control arm - it could be that the control arm was inadvertently switched to the off position. If that’s the case, simply change it back to on.
  • Electrical connections - if your ice machine still isn’t making ice, check to make sure all electrical components are properly connected.
  • The water line - the water line itself might be frozen, which prevents water from flowing into the ice machine. You can try thawing the line by unplugging the machine for a few hours.
  • The water filter - the water filter needs to be changed regularly as a clogged filter can prevent your ice machine from working. Try changing the filter to see if that does the trick.

If you’ve tried these troubleshooting tips but still have problems, reach out to our commercial ice machine pros for speedy, expert service. The technicians at Mr. Appliance of Memphis can take a look at your appliance and offer a quote for your commercial dishwasher repair. Give us a call today!

How Long Do Commercial Appliances Last?

It depends on which ones you have, but in general, you can expect ten to 15 years out of most commercial appliances. The actual number of years you get out of yours depends on how well they are treated and how often they are serviced. Servicing includes cleaning, repairs, and part replacement, and Mr. Appliance is proud to offer all of the above. One call to our expert team will get you on the right track for success in your business by ensuring you have properly functioning appliances year-round.

How Much Does Memphis Commercial Appliance Repair Cost?

We handle all types of commercial appliance fixes, and while we offer upfront, flat-rate pricing, the actual cost of your Memphis commercial appliance repair will vary from service to service. Some businesses, such as laundromats, may have multiple washers and dryers that need to be fixed, while a food service company may only be facing a broken stove.

As you can imagine, the repair costs for these two businesses will be completely different, so that’s why it’s difficult to provide an average cost. The best way to get an idea of what you’ll pay is to call our loyal customer service team. They’ll walk you through the details of how our pricing system works and help you schedule your repair service.

Don’t Lose Time and Money - Call Mr. Appliance For Memphis Commercial Appliance Repair Today!

The faster you act when in need of Memphis commercial appliance repair, the better it is for your business. Instead of pushing your appliances to the breaking point, why not schedule regular maintenance and repairs? We understand that sometimes finding a convenient time for repairs is tricky, but that’s precisely why we offer convenient appointment times that work with your schedule.

Mr. Appliance is proud to serve Memphis and the surrounding area with the high-quality solutions to their commercial appliance issues they deserve. Finding a reputable and reliable repairman can be tough in Memphis, but rest assured; locals will see the difference our professional and efficient company makes.

Whether in need of Memphis commercial appliance repair for their restaurant, laundromat, dog groomer, or other business, owners can call to get started today. Our helpful customer care team is waiting for your call, and if you need help with residential appliance repair instead, just ask! We offer a wide variety of services that meet both commercial and residential property owners’ needs.

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