Memphis Commercial Ice Maker Repair

Whether you run a Michelin-star restaurant or a gas station, you rely on your ice maker every day you’re open—which is likely 365 days a year! Commercial ice makers from brands like SubZero are hard-working machines, but with constant wear and tear can run into troubles that cause business owners distress. Without ice, drinks are warm, and coolers will be left unfilled, but from your point of view, customers will find somewhere else to patronize in Memphis. Commercial ice maker repair is, then, one of the most valuable appliance services business owners will seek.

When they need this particular type of repair, restaurant and shop owners need it quickly, which means they want a reliable and fast-responding Memphis appliance repair specialist. That’s us: Mr. Appliance of Memphis, your friendly and dedicated commercial repairman ready to help at a moment’s notice. We’ll swoop in to fix your ice maker so your business continues without a hitch. Need service right away? Get in touch with our friendly customer service agents now!

About Our Quick Memphis Commercial Ice Maker Repair Services

When you run a business, you need your appliances to work without fault. As a busy business owner, you know that’s not always the case and that sometimes (and often the busiest times), your machines let you down. This doesn’t just mean your routines are disrupted; it also means you may lose business—or worse yet, have to shut your doors until you get your ice maker repaired.

Tired of frantically searching for “Memphis commercial ice maker repair near me” online only to be sent on a wild goose chase? That’s why having the phone number of a Memphis commercial ice maker repair technician on hand is so valuable for smart business owners. It also helps that we service a wide selection of other appliances for businesses too. As for commercial ice maker repair, Memphis business owners will be pleased to find their machines resolved and working better than ever in no time. To prevent disasters like these from happening in the future, be sure to schedule our dedicated team for the regular servicing of all of your most-used appliances.

Get Memphis Commercial Ice Maker Repair Right Away!

Mr. Appliance of Memphis knows how important your ice maker is to your everyday business. We also know that sometimes, your machine will give you warning signs that it’s about to break. Instead of waiting for that to happen, call us before it does! What should you look out for? You or your manager should always be on the lookout for these signs your ice machine needs repair:

  1. Your ice machine is producing different size cubes or odd shapes
  2. The ice your machine is making is discolored or rusty-looking
  3. Your machine is making strange noises such as unusual humming, buzzing, grinding, or clunking
  4. Ice is being produced at a slower-than-normal speed
  5. There are pools of water at the base of your freestanding or countertop ice maker

Do any of these signs sound familiar? Go and check out the condition of your counter unit or freestanding ice maker right away. If you notice or hear any of these issues, call for Memphis commercial ice maker repair now.

Why Choose Mr. Appliance For Memphis Commercial Ice Maker Repair?

We don’t have to tell you how important your ice machine is to your business, but if it’s your first time looking for Memphis ice maker repair services, you should know that it helps to choose a reputable company. Trying to troubleshoot problems on your own won’t solve them either, and going with a company that knows how to quickly diagnose and repair ice makers is your best bet if you want to resume service as quickly as possible.

So why choose us? Whether you have the cheapest ice maker possible, a counter ice maker unit, or an industrial ice maker, we can help. We handle ice maker brands of all kinds, including SubZero, GE, Scotsman, and more. At Mr. Appliance of Memphis, we have upfront, flat-rate pricing that’s based on the job, not the hour. There will never be any surprises on your final bill. We’ll arrive on time and ready to work; there will be no lollygagging around—we aim to be in and out quickly! We understand that time is always of the essence, and that’s why we also offer services that fit your schedule. Don’t close your doors just because of a broken ice maker; call our professional team instead!

Frequently Asked Questions About Memphis Commercial Ice Maker Repair

Is it Cheaper to Repair or Replace My Commercial Ice Maker?

If you need a replacement for your commercial ice maker, it’s going to take longer than if you need a repair. Because it’s a brand-new unit, it’s also going to cost you more. Repairs will typically always be cheaper than replacements, but if your machine does need ample repairs and is past its prime, we’ll recommend you get a new one. In the meantime, we’ll fix up your current ice maker to keep you going but help you order and install the new unit at a convenient time.

Why Did My Commercial Ice Machine Stop Working?

If you’re not a trained ice maker repair technician, it can be difficult to understand why, all of a sudden, your machine stopped working. Sometimes, all that’s needed to get your machine running again is a simple fix, so before you call us, be sure to answer these questions:

  • What’s the status of the control arm? Make sure the ice machine’s control arm is in the on position
  • Is everything plugged in? Check to ensure all electrical components are connected
  • Is the water line frozen? If so, unplug it for a few hours and try the machine again
  • When was the last time you changed the water filter? Swap it out for a new one to see if it helps

If everything appears to be in working order, but you’re still experiencing issues, give our team a call. We’ll be there at a convenient time to help.

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Whether you’re in Brunswick, Collierville, or Arlington, you can rely on us for speedy service and convenient appointment times for all commercial appliance repair services. Reach out to our outstanding customer service team today to get started!

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