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The kitchen is a place of warmth, connection and joy. A place where families come together to share a meal and make lasting memories. But when your appliances start to fail, it can all become an uphill battle. At Mr. Appliance of Madison, WI, our appliance repair experts are here to help you get your oven, stovetop or range working as good as new – so that you never have to miss out on another home-cooked family dinner again!

We understand that the occasional issue arises with standard and high-end kitchen appliances. That’s why our Portland appliance repair services are here, providing expert solutions with competitively priced options so that you don’t have to wait long for professional help.

With us around, you can rest assured that your oven, stovetop, or range will operate at its best - helping you save time and money while avoiding any extra hassle in the process.

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3 Ways to Keep Your Major Kitchen Appliances Maintained

Some repairs don’t always require us to take apart your appliance to see the issues. Often, something as simple as routine cleaning can help keep it operating effectively. Below are three ways you can maintain and extend the life of your oven, stovetop, and range.

1. Self-Cleaning Feature

No more scrubbing and scraping away burnt bits of food from your oven or range! With the self-cleaning feature, you can easily remove all the grime with just a few taps. Generally, it takes 1 to 3 hours for the cycle to complete, so it’s best to be done every 3 to 6 months.

But do take care: never use chemical cleaners on your appliance as it could cause permanent damage – plus the fumes can be hazardous for you. Make sure that you have proper air circulation in place for the self-cleaning process too; this will help reduce any exposure to nasty toxins.

2. Manual Cleaning

For ovens and ranges without the self-cleaning feature, manual cleaning remains the best way to ensure your appliance is disinfected properly. Avoid using any store-bought chemical cleaners as their fumes can linger in the kitchen long after use. Instead, try using a combination of white vinegar and baking soda - they'll tackle tough stains while leaving behind only a pleasant scent. Self-cleaning may be fast and convenient, but you know that when you put in the effort for manual cleaning, your oven or range will always come out spotless.

3. Regular Maintenance

Without regular maintenance, your kitchen appliances won't stay in peak condition for long - and the costs to repair them can pile up. Routine check-ups from a Portland appliance repair technician can help extend their lifespan and give you peace of mind that your oven, stovetop, and range are running optimally. And who doesn't want to get the most out of their beloved kitchen appliances?

The Perks of Working with Our Repair Technicians in Madison

Kitchen appliances are complicated machines that need an expert eye when something goes wrong. You could attempt repairs yourself, but you may be risking more damage and potential injury. Our repair services are designed with your safety and convenience in mind.

Your oven, range, or stovetop repair is guaranteed because:

  • We honor our Neighborly Done Right Promise® to “make it right” if something goes wrong.
  • We have a one-year warranty on parts and labor for residential appliance services.
  • We make scheduling an appointment easy with our Portland team.
  • We have experience with various brands, including GE, Maytag, Samsung, and more.
  • We are thorough yet quick when it comes to your appliance repair because we know that you can’t live without a functioning oven, stovetop, or range. And you shouldn’t have to.

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