Refrigerator Repair in Lake Nona

Common Refrigerator Problems We Can Repair

Whether your fridge constantly feels too warm, you fight with the door seal, or something else seems off, Mr. Appliance of Lake Nona can help get things back to normal.

Some of the common problems that lead to repairs are:

  • Water Leaks
  • Constant Running
  • Ice Buildup
  • Excess Noise
  • Increased Energy Bills

We specialize in fridge repair and maintenance, offering same-day services for both residential and commercial customers. Our experienced and highly rated technicians can detect and resolve problems quickly, minimizing your downtime and preventing potential waste from spoiled food.

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Should You Replace Your Refrigerator or Repair It?

One of the easiest ways to determine whether you should repair or replace your refrigerator is the cost of one versus the other. If a repair will cost less than half of what you’d spend on a new unit, fixing the problem is likely the best decision.

It’s not always immediately clear whether your fridge is at the end of its lifespan or if it just needs some TLC to start working well again. Refrigerators tend to last around 14 years depending on the style of system and how well it’s been maintained.

Signs that indicate a refrigerator replacement may be in order include:

  • There is too much heat producing as the refrigerator runs
  • Ice continually builds up in the freezer, blocking access to food
  • Repair calls are happening too frequently (especially if it’s a side-by-side unit, as these don’t last as long)
  • Energy bills consistently climb even though you’re using the same amount of power

Of course, if for some reason, replacement is in your best interest rather than fixing the problem, we will be sure to let you know, and can discuss which new installation makes the most sense for your lifestyle. You wouldn’t want to continue paying for frequent repairs and maintenance if a new investment will pay off in the long run. But don’t worry – we can answer any of your questions, address concerns, and provide professional recommendations.

What Types of Fridge's Can You Repair?

Our skilled technicians repair nearly any type of refrigerator, including:

  • Top & Bottom Freezer Refrigerators
  • French Door Refrigerators
  • Side-by-side Refrigerators
  • Compact & Non-Freezer Refrigerators
  • Built-In Refrigerators

Speedy & Expert Refrigerator Repair Service Near Me

A quick phone call or message will have you on our schedule at a time that works for you. When we arrive (on time, of course), you’ll know who is at your door. We’ll have identifiable uniforms, branded vehicles (no nameless white van pulling up to your home), and any necessary equipment to get the job done right the first time.

Before entering, we’ll lay down a doormat and put on shoe covers – it’s your home, after all. Then, we’ll thoroughly inspect the problem to locate the source, and share our findings with you.

Before any repair work begins on your broken fridge, you’ll have a clear understanding of pricingtimeline, and our process, so that you can feel confident knowing you’re in capable hands. But you don’t need to take us at our word – check out some recent reviews!

Honest and quick refrigerator repair in Lake Nona is a phone call away. Call us or schedule your service online.

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