Reliable Garbage Disposal Repair in Idaho Falls, ID

Don't let a leaking or clogged garbage disposal ruin your day. At Mr. Appliance® of Idaho Falls, we specialize in garbage disposal repair and troubleshooting. Our local teams are experienced, reliable, and offer flexible scheduling. Plus, we provide up-front pricing, so you know exactly what to expect.

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Discover Our Expertise in Garbage Disposal Repair

Don't waste time figuring out what kind of garbage disposal unit you have - our knowledgeable team will handle it for you! We specialize in servicing both continuous-feed and batch-feed units, so you're in good hands.

Here are some common problems we can fix:

  • Power issues:

Check for tripped circuit breakers and push the Reset button on the bottom of your unit. If the problem persists, it's likely a worn-out motor and the entire unit may need professional replacement.

  • Jams:

High-fiber foods, cornhusks, avocado peels, and bones can cause jams. We can use a socket wrench to rotate the masher plate and clear the jam safely. Never attempt to put your hand in the disposal.

  • Clogs:

Turn off the power at the main disconnect, disassemble the trap, and clear the clog using a drain snake. After reassembly, turn on the water to check if the clog is gone. If you need assistance, we're just a call away.

  • Excessive noise:

Foreign objects, loose mounting screws, broken flyweights, and worn lugs and blades can cause noisy garbage disposals. It's important to have your unit serviced promptly to prevent further damage.

  • Leaks:

Leaks are often caused by a loose sink flange or a worn rubber gasket. Sometimes, replacement may be necessary. Don't wait - call us immediately to prevent major damage to your kitchen.

Instead of wasting time searching for a reliable garbage disposal repair company online, choose a team with a proven track record. With Mr. Appliance® of Idaho Falls, you can trust in our quality workmanship. We're proud to be part of the trustworthy Neighborly® family of brands.

Looking for Replacement Parts for Your Garbage Disposal?

We've got you covered! Whether you have an InSinkErator, Whirlaway, or Kitchenaid disposal, we can provide and install the parts you need, including:

  • Lids and baffles
  • Gaskets and seals
  • Tubing
  • Lugs

Signs that it's Time to Replace Your Garbage Disposal

Don't ignore these red flags! If your garbage disposal is experiencing any of these issues, it's likely time for a replacement:

  • It won't turn on, even though there's power.
  • Your disposal is leaking water.
  • You find yourself constantly having to reset the appliance.

These symptoms usually indicate serious problems with the motor, wiring, or the unit itself. While some issues can be repaired, it's often more cost-effective to consider replacing the garbage disposal altogether. If the malfunction involves flyweights, blades, or flanges, a new unit may be your best bet. Let our experienced team at Mr. Appliance® of Idaho Falls help you make the right decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

How difficult is it to replace a garbage disposal?

Replacing a garbage disposal falls between a 7 and 10 on the DIY scale, depending on your level of handiness. Garbage disposals have multiple parts and plumbing connections. It is best to hire a licensed professional for this job to ensure effectiveness.

Is it worth replacing the blade in a garbage disposal?

No, we do not recommend replacing the blade. While it is possible to purchase a replacement blade plate, it typically costs 25% to 30% of a new garbage disposal. Additionally, not all units allow for this part to be replaced. It is more logical to replace the entire unit.

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