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Are your dishes piling up because of a broken dishwasher? At Mr. Appliance of Idaho Falls, we’ve got you covered with speedy, expert dishwasher repair. As homeowners like you, we understand the frustration you’re experiencing.

From drainage issues to control panel malfunctions, we can repair all sorts of dishwasher problems. Trust our highly-rated techs to help get your dishwasher up and running pronto. For your peace of mind, we back our dishwasher repairs with a one-year warranty.

Need speedy, expert dishwasher repair in Idaho Falls, ID? Call us today or schedule your service online today.

Five Common Dishwasher Problems We Can Fix

Here are just some of the common dishwasher issues we can repair:

  • Leaking Dishwashers. Your dishwashers are designed to keep the water inside. Even just a small leak needs to be addressed. We’ll look at the drainage hose, pump, pump seal, and door seals to help fix the issue.
  • Dirty Dishes After a Full Cycle. Your dishwasher should get your dishes sparkling clean. If they’re still coming out dirty, you might have an issue with your control panel, soap dispenser, or the inlet valve.
  • Water Fill Issues. Most dishwashers use about 3.5 gallons of water per cycle. If it’s using less water, or not enough water, the float, float switch, or water inlet valve could be to blame. Our technicians will thoroughly diagnose all potential problems.
  • Won’t Turn On. First - if your dishwasher won’t turn on - make sure it’s plugged in. Then, check the breaker and make sure it hasn’t tripped. If your dishwasher still won’t power on, we’ll check the electronic control system and all other causes.
  • Noisier Than it Usual Is. It’s perfectly normal for your dishwasher to make noise while running. But excessive abnormal noise is an issue. First - make sure you’re loading your dishwasher properly. Sometimes the spray arms hit dishes, which will make a noise. Some causes of louder operation are a bad pump, defective bearing rings, or spray arm seals.

Are you experiencing any of these issues or any others? Give us a call today to schedule your dishwasher repair service.

Up-Front Pricing & an Iron-Clad Warranty

Regardless of your dishwasher’s issue, we offer an up-front, flat-rate pricing for every repair job. This means we’ll review all repair costs with you before proceeding with repair work. Further, the repair cost won’t change, even if the job takes us longer than we anticipated. You won’t experience hidden fees with us!

We’ll also back our parts and labor with a one-year warranty. Per our Neighborly Done Right Promise™, if something wasn’t done right, let us know within the promised time period and we’ll make it right.

Trust us for prompt and reliable Idaho Falls dishwasher repair. To schedule your service, book conveniently online or call us.

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