As the video begins, exciting music plays, and the Mr. Appliance logo fades in on the screen.

[Narrator] Need speedy, expert service? (Description: A Male Mr. Appliance service professional is shown looking inside a black wall oven with a female customer.)

[Narrator] Tired of waiting all day for a repair person? (Description: A female Mr. Appliance service professional is shown closing a red, front loading washer and turning it on.)

[Narrator] Call Mr. Appliance. (Description: A Mr. Appliance branded van is shown driving down the street, through a neighborhood.)

Mr. Appliance technician opening up toolbox in kitchen next to double oven.

[Narrator] We arrive within a two-hour window (Description: A Mr. Appliance branded van pulls up to a nice home, with a well-manicured lawn. A large tree with a baby swing sits out front.) that is emailed to you the day before with a picture of your service professional. (Description: A female Mr. Appliance service professional is shown exiting the branded Mr. Appliance van with her supplies.)

[Narrator] All our service professionals are factory trained and have background checks done for your security and peace of mind. (Description: Two male service professionals are shown cheerfully walking up to a customer’s home at different times. The customer opens the front door and is greeted by a friendly female service professional.)

[Narrator] And our Leave No Trace Policy means you wouldn't even know we were in your home, (Description: A Mr. Appliance service professional is shown, stepping on a Mr. Appliance branded mat, putting on yellow booties and walking in the home.) except that now your appliance is working perfectly. (Description: A Mr. Appliance sticker with phone number is shown on the inside of a refrigerator. A female Mr. Appliance service technician is talking with male customer as she shuts the refrigerator door.)

[Narrator] For speedy, expert service, (Description: A female Mr. Appliance service technician is shown sitting at a kitchen table with the customer, looking at an iPad. ) call Mr. Appliance or book online. (Description: a female service technician is shown walking out of the customers home and getting in the branded Mr. Appliance van.)

As the video closes, the Mr. Appliance logo appears on the screen and the exciting music fades.

Mr. Appliance branded van.

Great Reasons to Hire Mr. Appliance

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    Qualified Experts.

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    Workmanship and Parts Warrantied.

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    Upfront pricing contact authorization and payment.

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    Courteous, Uniformed Professionals.

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    Service on Your Schedule

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    Special Offers

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    A Neighborly Company

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