Refrigerator Repair in East Texas

A refrigerator is one of those appliances that only gets attention once something goes wrong. These appliances are handy and reliable, mainly because they work 24/7 to keep your food fresh and edible. But what happens if it breaks down? Then you’ll need to search for refrigerator repair nearby.

Fortunately, Mr. Appliance® is here to answer your call. We offer comprehensive refrigerator repair services to get your fridge up and running quickly. Don’t worry about throwing food away while you wait—our East Texas refrigerator repair team is fast, efficient, and can fix most problems onsite.

No matter the brand, the refrigerator repair cost is often less than buying a brand-new appliance. Our goal is to help you save money and have a hardworking fridge, which is why we serve all of East Texas with pride. When your unit breaks down, call Mr. Appliance.

Types of Refrigerators We Repair

When you call to schedule service, you can feel confident that we can repair any type of fridge. Our comprehensive refrigerator repair services include the following model types:

  • Compact refrigerators
  • Freezerless refrigerators
  • Counter-depth and built-in refrigerators
  • Top freezer refrigerators
  • Bottom freezer refrigerators
  • French door refrigerators
  • Side-by-side refrigerators

Our team answers any questions you may have if you’re unsure what kind of fridge is in your kitchen. We’re committed to providing the best service with every job, so don’t worry if you have a lot of questions—we’re here to help.

Another thing that sets Mr. Appliance apart is that we can fix individual pieces of your fridge that may not be working. For example, if just the freezer is acting up, we can inspect and diagnose the problem. If the ice machine or the water dispenser isn’t working, we can repair it.

We also provide a one-year limited warranty on all residential repair services, so you can feel confident that our work will last a long time. We want you to enjoy your fridge, and not worry that it will break again.

Refrigerator Brands We Commonly Service

In addition to repairing all kinds of refrigerators, we specialize in most top brands. Knowing what to look for is imperative since each brand has its own layout and design elements. The brands we work on include:

Some of the more modern brands offer smart fridges with high-tech features and elements. Don’t worry if your software starts getting buggy—Mr. The appliance can still troubleshoot most issues with these types of devices.

Our work also extends to brands that may not be around anymore. For example, Sears used to be the biggest name in home appliances, but it’s longer selling products. Despite this, our professional team can still fix your Sears refrigerator.

Refrigerator Repair Costs vs. Replacement Costs

Generally, refrigerator repair is usually much more affordable than buying a new one. Our East Texas refrigerator repair team is dedicated to helping you get the most out of your appliance, so we’ll do whatever we can to fix the problem quickly.

In most cases, the primary issue is either the condenser or the compressor, both of which can get dirty and start running inefficiently. Sometimes, a good cleaning is all it takes to get the fridge running smoothly again.

At Mr. Appliance, we understand that a fridge is more than just a place to store food. It’s also a machine that provides immense convenience and keeps your life on schedule. We strive to help you preserve this part of your routine so you don’t have to spend time replacing it.

Plus, our Neighborly Done Right Promise guarantees that we'll get the job done right the first time around.

Call Mr. Appliance for Fast and Excellent Service

Mr. Appliance is the best resource for East Texas refrigerator repair. Whether your fridge is not working as well as it used to or is completely broken down, give us a call! Our team can also help you with special offers so you get the best service for less.

We’re also available 24/7, so don’t worry if your fridge stops working late at night—we can still assist you with answering questions and scheduling service as soon as possible for refrigerator repair near you!

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