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One day, your freezer is working fine; the next, you notice your frozen foods aren't quite as cold as they should be. You need freezer repair in Cincinnati, and you need it right away. Thankfully, your Cincinnati appliance repair specialist is just one call away.

Let our professional technicians at Mr. Appliance of Cincinnati swoop in with our same-day and next-day services to save your frozen foods from going to waste. Acting quickly to repair your freezer, we arrive on time, work diligently, and offer upfront pricing so there are never any surprises!

Curious about how it all works? Read on to discover more about our efficient service for freezer repair in Cincinnati.

About Our Cincinnati Freezer Repair Service

At Mr. Appliance of Cincinnati, we offer quality repair services for your fridge-freezer and standalone freezer. Both units, though varying in size, function the same, using a compressor, condenser, evaporator, and capillary tube to effectively freeze your food. Freezers also have other parts, including thermostats, vents, and shelving. A few of the most common issues we repair in freezers include:

Temperature Troubles

The number one issue folks run into with their freezers is with temperature. Only when your food begins to spoil will you notice that something is wrong with your unit. Your unit may not be freezing properly because of a broken thermostat, but the issue may also come from the compressor, condenser, evaporator, or capillary tube. Because all of these components are needed to create freezing temperatures, if one is broken, dirty, or damaged, you will not get an influx of cold air.

Frost Accumulation

Frost accumulates when the temperature inside your freezer isn't steady. This may be because the door seal is damaged, but it may also be because you keep opening the unit too often. The thermostat may also be to blame. As you can see, there are many possible causes behind why frost has accumulated in your freezer. We'll need to troubleshoot to isolate the correct culprit.

Faulty Door Seals

As freezers age, with everyday wear and tear, the door seals can become damaged or weak. The door needs to seal properly for the freezer to keep its cool temperature. If not, you risk half-thawed food that poses a safety threat.

Why Choose Mr. Appliance For Freezer Repair in Cincinnati?

With a broken freezer, you may be counting the minutes until your food goes bad. That, or you've decided to cook up all of your meat and have a large get-together. While you may be looking for a reason to entertain, we have a better solution: Call Mr. Appliance of Cincinnati for freezer repair and get on with your normal routine. On top of our convenient service for locals in the Cincinnati area, we think you'll love our:

Convenient Scheduling

When you need appliance repair services, you want them right away. With Mr. Appliance, that's completely possible. We know how important it is that your freezer, fridge, dryer, and other household appliances work properly, so we offer next- and same-day service at convenient times. Convenience is tightly woven into our business model to ensure our client's needs are met. Pick a time and date that work best with your schedule, and we'll arrive on time, ready to get to work.

Quality Workmanship

A repaired freezer is only as good as the workmanship of the freezer repairman who fixed it. There's a difference between fast fixes and long-lasting solutions, but with us, you get both. We're efficient in our repair process yet thorough. That means you'll have a properly working appliance quickly so you can get back on with your day.

Professional Appliance Technicians

With decades of combined experience in the trades, our appliance repair technicians know exactly how to troubleshoot and repair your freezer and any other major appliance in your home or business. Handling repairs of all sizes, installations, maintenance, and more, we're the team you can count on for professional service and advice. We'll be honest about whether a costly repair is really worth it and when replacement is a better option. Aiming for complete customer satisfaction, we want you to feel like you can trust us for our expert opinions.

Done Right Promise

Having peace of mind about the work we perform is much easier when it's backed by a guarantee. As part of the Neighborly brand of companies, we warranty our workmanship and parts for 365 days from the date of your service. If you run into any problems with the repair we performed, let us know, and we'll fix it at no additional cost.

Do you want to learn more about how we work and the solutions we provide for your kitchen appliances, such as ice machine repair, oven repair, and dryer repair services? Give our friendly customer service team a call!

Cincinnati Freezer Repair FAQs

How Do I Know My Freezer is Broken?

You don't often think about the condition of our freezers unless something goes seriously wrong. We always prescribe annual maintenance as a preventative form of care for all appliances in your home, freezer included. Yet, it's one we don't always think to maintain. Why? As one of the less complicated appliances in the home, thankfully, the freezer doesn't experience as many issues as, say, your dishwasher or washing machine. With that said, when your freezer decides it's time to call it quits, it will tell you.

Be on the lookout for the following signs:

  1. Your food isn't frozen. You may not notice that your freezer isn't reaching the right temperature just by looking at the contents of what's inside. When you pull out a bag of chicken that's supposed to be frozen only to find it's already halfway thawed, that's a sign your freezer isn't cold enough.
  2. There is frost on the freezer walls. Frost can accumulate because of temperature fluctuations or air drafts. If the seal on your freezer isn't working, or if the thermostat is broken, you may experience frost build-up.
  3. You hear loud or unusual noises. Freezers use a compressor, evaporator, condenser, and capillary tube to properly freeze your food. Some of these parts require the use of a fan to cool off the refrigerant. Broken fans can be noisy, while bent coils can be, too, a result of excessive vibration.

If you experience any of these issues, or you suspect something is off with your freezer's normal function, get in touch with an appliance repair specialist. We'll get to the bottom of the issue and get your appliance back to normal.

When Should I Replace My Freezer?

There are typically two types of freezers found in Cincinnati homes. The first is the type that's attached to your fridge. The second is the standalone type you may have in your garage. Both will last 16 years on average, with a maximum lifespan of about 20 years.

The more often you perform maintenance tasks and repairs, the more life you'll get from your unit. During a maintenance appointment, our team will inspect your freezer and all of its components to ensure they are clean and functioning properly. Our service techs will perform any necessary repairs or adjustments to ensure your unit functions properly until our next visit. If your unit is reaching the end of its lifespan and begins to experience continuous issues, we might recommend that you get a new one.

How Soon Can You Arrive At My Home?

When your freezer breaks down, you have to empty all of the food out of it, piling it into a cooler with ice. Until your freezer is repaired, you'll need to get more ice just to keep your food from spoiling. That, or you have everyone in your neighborhood over for a barbecue.

It's only natural to want to know how long it will take an appliance repair company to arrive at your home after you call, and we're proud to say that in many cases, we can get to your home that same day, or at the latest, the next day. What's more, we offer scheduled appointment times to fit with your life. You pick the day and time that works best for your schedule, and we'll be there–no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Do You Service All Brands of Appliances?

At Mr. Appliance of Cincinnati, we service a wide range of major brands of appliances. Our service technicians have seen and done it all, and that means you can depend on us for reliable repairs across many types of appliances and brand names. A few of the most common types of appliances we repair include:

  • Amana
  • Asko
  • Bosch
  • Electrolux
  • Frigidaire
  • GE
  • KitchenAid
  • LG
  • Samsung
  • Whirlpool
  • And so many more!

If you have a freezer of a different make than the one you see on the above list, don't hesitate to reach out to our team! We have trucks fully stocked with many different parts that fit a wide variety of freezers, and we can access special parts directly from the manufacturer with ease.

Chill Out and Get Freezer Repair in Cincinnati - Call Mr. Appliance for Quality Service!

You may not know how important your freezer is until it breaks. Only when you've counted the wasted dollars as you throw spoiled food in the trash will you wish you had sought regular maintenance for your freezer. Let's not allow it to get that far.

Hopefully, you're searching for freezer repair in Cincinnati because your unit has just stopped working. If so, there's still time as long as you call our appliance techs right away. With our same-day and next-day appliance repair service, we can get your freezer the help it needs to keep your food fresh!

Offering a spectrum of convenient solutions for dishwasher repair, ice maker repair, refrigerator repair, and more, call or use the online contact form today to schedule service.

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