Freezer Repair Carrollton, TX

With Carrollton's humid subtropical climate, access to a freezer is essential to Carrolltonians' way of life. On those sweltering summer days, a broken freezer leads to spoiled food, melted treats, expensive repairs, and even health risks. That's why you need freezer repair in Carrollton, TX. Your local Carrollton appliance repair team will take care of all your freezer repair issues. We'll promptly address all your Carrollton freezer repair issues, diagnose the problem, and get those broken appliances fixed up as soon as possible.

We want you to know that we're the appliance repair company you can trust. With our Neighborly Done Right Promise, you can rest assured that the job isn't done until it's done right. Our appliance repair technicians possess an in-depth knowledge of minor and major brands for appliance repair. Whether you need a freezer repair in Carrollton, TX, or other common appliance repairs, our appliance service technicians have got you covered!

Top Professionals For A Carrollton Freezer Repair Near Me

When your freezer isn't freezing, it can result in huge food waste. We'll help you tackle the problem before it causes too big of a dent in your grocery bill. From a broken evaporator fan motor to an overstuffed freezer to unusual noises, there are a variety of reasons why you might need freezer repair in Carrollton, TX. Read on to learn more about the culprits behind a broken freezer:

  • Overpacked: When you pack a freezer, it's a good rule of thumb to ensure it's packed 85% full at the max. When a freezer or refrigerator is overstuffed, it limits air flow and circulation and will hinder its ability to freeze. Evenly distribute the food in your freezer throughout the middle shelves and away from the walls or back of the freezer for optimal airflow.
  • Frost Build-Up: There can be a wide range of reasons why your freezer has frost build-up. It's often the result of temperature changes, humidity or air circulation issues. One of the biggest issues with frost build-up is its tendency to block vents and airflow in the freezer. Since most modern freezers have auto-defrost, a broken door seal could also cause frost build-up, so be sure to check if there are any cracks or rips in your door seal. Otherwise, one of our trusted household appliance technicians can help you get to the root of the problem.
  • Soiled Condenser Coils: Condenser coils, located outside the freezer, are responsible for eliminating the heat absorbed by the refrigerant, releasing the heat into the kitchen or surrounding atmosphere instead. When these coils are dirty, they're unable to cool down the refrigerant when it enters the evaporator. Luckily, this is an easy fix. Pull out your fridge and wipe off the condenser coils with a damp cloth.
  • Broken Evaporator Fan Motor: When your freezer's evaporator fan motor is broken, it won't have the ability to circulate the air through the unit. To fix this, a replacement fan motor will be needed. That's when you can call on our dedicated team of professionals to help with a new evaporator fan motor installation.

Mr. Appliance Offers Top-Notch Services For Freezer Repair in Carrollton, TX

We've been a locally owned and operated appliance repair company since 1996, boasting more than 290 locations across Canada and the United States and offering efficient service and quality repairs. Our experienced technicians specialize in unparalleled appliance repair service, servicing all types of appliances and brands. Alongside freezer repair in Carrollton, TX, some of the other services our highly-rated local pros offer include gas dryer and electric dryer repair, washing machine repair, oven repair, other kitchen appliance repair home services, and much more!

From basic to complex Carrollton freezer repairs, or whatever your appliance issue is, our appliance repair professionals have it covered!

FAQs On A Freezer Repair in Carrollton, TX

Should I Repair or Replace My Freezer?

This depends largely on the age of your freezer. If you have a bottom freezer, it's best to opt for repairs within the first seven years, and then consider replacement after that. For top freezers, opt for repairs within the first three to six years and consider replacement after that. A qualified Carrollton freezer repair expert can further help you figure out if your refrigerator is ready for repair or replacement.

Why Is My Freezer Leaking Water?

The most likely cause of a leaking water issue in your freezer is a problem with the freezer's drain hole. If the drain or defrost hole is clogged. This component's job is to drain the water out of the freezer, so if there is a blockage here, a leak may eventually emerge, as the water will have nowhere else to go. Contact us for freezer repair in Carrollton, TX, for more information or book a diagnostic assessment.

What Can I Do To Maintain My Refrigerator and Freezer?

There are a variety of tasks you can easily perform to keep your refrigerator in tip-top shape and lasting longer, such as:

  • Ensure the fridge door is not left open for too long
  • Ensure the door seal has no damage, cracks or splits
  • Ensure the fridge is set to optimal cooling temperatures
  • Don't overstuff the refrigerator, and don't block vents
  • Don't push the refrigerator right up against the wall, but leave a little room for more circulation
  • Keep the refrigerator regularly cleaned, once every few days or so
  • Clean the refrigerator's condenser coils

Experience The Difference With Our Freezer Repair in Carrollton, TX!

Ready to keep those popsicles cool and get your pesky freezer freezing again? As all residents of Carrollton know, a broken freezer is a huge inconvenience. That's why you can rely on our skilled professionals for expert freezer repair in Carrollton, TX. We'll get your freezer issues, whatever the problem, under control!

We're a locally owned and operated business and that means we know exactly what the communities of Addison, Carrollton, Coppell, North Dallas, Farmers Branch, and Irving need! Whether you're looking for expert service in all types of freezer repair and freezer maintenance or other major appliance services, like dryer vent services and repair, our professional team is equipped and ready to handle it, servicing all popular appliance brands. Our commitment to quality and high standards of complete customer satisfaction ensure that you're in the best hands.

Contact us and set up an appointment with one of our friendly customer service representatives to get an appliance repair expert on-site today for rapid appliance repair, and we'll restore your peace of mind.

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