GE appliances pioneered the first self-cleaning oven and over-the-range microwave. Opt for GE to experience the ultimate Premium Finish Options, offering a wide variety of exquisite styles from sleek modern to timeless traditional, as well as cutting-edge contemporary, catering to every unique preference. While GE appliances are incredibly useful, it's important to note that having more moving parts can potentially increase the likelihood of malfunctions. For this, Mr. Appliance is here to help with GE appliance repair in Carrollton, TX.

Warranties on GE appliances vary depending on the appliance and part that needs repair. If you're dealing with an expired warranty and a broken appliance, your local Mr. Appliance of Carrollton can help. Our Carrollton appliance repair pros offer exceptional GE appliance repairs to help your out-of-warranty appliance work like new again.

Stick with us as we take a look at the common repair services for GE appliance repairs in Carrollton, TX.

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GE Refrigerator Repair: Common Issues

For the best results, it is crucial to have professional appliance repair services on your GE refrigerator. There is nothing more disheartening than discovering that your refrigerator couldn't keep your food cool enough, resulting in spoiled groceries or, even worse, a hazardous leak. But fear not, if you have encountered any of the following issues, there is a solution for each one of them. Plus, our Carrollton GE appliance repair team is available to help. Common issues we fix include:

  • Ice Maker or Water Dispenser Doesn’t Work: Having a built-in ice maker and water dispenser in your home is undoubtedly convenient, but it can also come with some hidden challenges. Refrigerators can experience various issues with water filters, water inlet valves, the water line, and water pressure. If your water filters are clogged or the water line is obstructed, it can hinder water flow. When you hire our GE appliance repair pro, they will check the connection of the water line to your fridge, and make sure to replace the filters regularly. When dealing with faulty water inlet valves, it's best to seek professional services.
  • Unpredictable Temperatures: Is your refrigerator struggling to adjust? Does it resemble Goldilocks, being too hot and then too cold? If your food is freezing, it is likely due to a faulty door seal or a defective thermostat. When the thermostat malfunctions, it fails to maintain the proper temperature for your fridge (around 40 degrees Fahrenheit). Improperly sealed doors allow warm air to enter, resulting in frost on the interior walls. If your refrigerator is not cooling enough, the compressor or condenser coils might be to blame. While faulty compressors may require replacement, condenser coils often just need a thorough cleaning to regain optimal functionality.
  • Refrigerator Leaks: If you notice water leaking from your GE refrigerator, the culprits are likely the water inlet valve, ice maker, or door seal. Another possibility is a clogged water line or defrost drain. To get your refrigerator back on track, the water lines and defrost drains can be easily thawed or cleaned. On the other hand, examining and potentially replacing or repairing the water inlet valves, ice makers, or door seals may require a more detailed assessment. Rest assured that when you hire our GE appliance repair in Carrollton, our fridge repair expert will address the issue with precision and ensure your refrigerator functions flawlessly.

GE Washer and Dryer Repair

A functioning water and dryer can turn any bad day into a great one. But when they're not working properly, getting them to operate normally can be like solving today's Wordle. However, that's why our expert services are here.

  • Controls Are Not Working: Before assuming your appliance is broken, it's important to check if there is a power issue in your home. A tripped breaker or faulty electrical system could be the culprit behind your machine's refusal to turn on or the malfunctioning controls.
  • No Spin or Agitate: If your washing machine refuses to spin or agitate, chances are that there is a faulty drive belt, motor, or transmission. The exact cost of replacing these components will vary depending on your model, but it is worth noting that a defective transmission is the most critical issue among the three. It shoulders the greatest responsibility for initiating the spinning or agitating action in your machine. Without it, your machine is rendered completely inoperative.
  • Water Won’t Drain: If you observe that the water in your washing machine is not draining properly, there are a few possible explanations. One issue could be a clogged, loose, or damaged drain hose. In such a situation, it is crucial to remove the hose from the washer, thoroughly inspect it, and flush it out accordingly. Another potential cause of the problem could be malfunctioning drain pumps and control boards, which are vital for ensuring that the water drains at the appropriate cycle time. In such cases, it may be necessary for our Carrollton GE appliance repair professional to replace these components to restore optimal functionality.

GE Dishwasher Repair

The most common complaints about GE dishwashers are their entail issues with leaking, cleaning, and the control panel. These issues, however, are very easily fixed.

  • Doesn’t Clean Dishes Well: Ensure that you place the dirty side of the dishes facing down when loading them into the dishwasher to avoid having a pool of dirty water sitting inside them. If you have been loading your dishes correctly and are still facing this issue, it might be wise to seek the assistance of an appliance specialist who can examine the spray arm, pump, or valve for any possible faults.
  • Dishwasher Leaks: Before reaching out to a dishwasher repair technician for help with your leaking dishwasher, there are several things you can investigate. First, inspect the door seal to ensure it's intact, as any wear or damage could result in leakage during a wash cycle. Additionally, overfilling the dishwasher could lead to water overflow. If these troubleshooting steps don't resolve the issue, consider checking the dishwasher pump hose or spray arm for potential replacement. It's also worth evaluating whether the appliance was installed correctly, as improper installation could be a contributing factor.
  • Control Panel or Buttons Don’t Work: Consult your GE manual to verify that you are using the control panel correctly. If you are following all the instructions correctly, contact one of our knowledgeable Carrollton GE appliance repair experts to diagnose and resolve the issue.

GE Range and Oven Repair

When your stove or oven malfunctions, it can disrupt your entire daily routine. Here are the top three common issues we encounter with these appliances.

  • Burners Won’t Ignite Well: Gas model burners may have issues with delayed ignitions or failing to ignite at all, even after attempting to unplug and clean underneath the burners. It's essential to make sure all the wiring is properly reconnected. Considering this, it may be best to schedule an appointment for professional GE appliance repair in Carrollton, TX.
  • Touchpad Doesn’t Work: Sometimes, the touchpads on GE ovens may not function properly. Before assuming there's a power problem, it's important to check if the child locks are activated.
  • Oven Won’t Heat: You will probably need to contact a professional appliance technician to fix this malfunction. The igniter might need a simple cleaning, but more expensive solutions could involve repairing or replacing it.

GE Microwave Repair

If your microwave stops working properly, it can be incredibly frustrating, especially considering how important it is in your kitchen. It is essential to maintain its performance for your safety and convenience. If you are experiencing any of the problems listed below, keep reading to find some recommended solutions from our Carrollton GE appliance repair team.

  • Doesn’t Fully Heat Food: To ensure your food is thoroughly heated, it is essential to confirm that the turntable is rotating correctly. However, if the turntable is not the source of the problem, you might be faced with a more significant issue. It is possible that your microwave's internal components, such as the magnetron or the waveguide cover, have sustained damage.
  • Door Won’t Close: If food or debris is trapped in the door, it can cause it to close improperly. Thoroughly clean your microwave door to check if it resolves the issue. If the problem continues, there is a high likelihood that you'll need to replace your appliance's door latch, door seal, or door hinge.

GE Garburator Repair

If your garburator is not functioning properly, it could lead to unpleasant smells and drainage issues. Check out the following recommendations from our Carrollton GE appliance repair pros to address typical complaints with GE Garburator.

  • Water Dripping from Garburator: If you notice a leak coming from your garburator, it is typically caused by a connection that is not properly aligned or a part that has been damaged. To ensure that the issue is resolved correctly, it is recommended to seek assistance from a service technician who can inspect the connection of your drain line and detect any potential damage.
  • Blades are Jammed: If your garbage disposal blades are jammed, there could be two possible causes. Either your appliance is excessively filled with food particles and not receiving sufficient water during the grinding process, or your motor is too weak to provide the power required by the blades to break up the food properly. It is also possible that food, an object, or other debris is wedged between the blades.
  • Burning Smell or Loud Noise: The odor or noise you're experiencing could be caused by the blades, motor, or bearings. One of these three parts may need to be replaced depending on your usage of the appliance. Our Carrollton GE appliance repair professional can check for you.
  • Water Backups in the Sink: Blockages often cause this problem, whether it's a clogged drain line or an excessive amount of food. It's not hard to clog this appliance. Before seeking professional help, try reducing the amount of food you put down in your garbage disposal and flush it with water from your sink. Also, always run water from your sink while using your garbage disposal.

Mr. Appliance of Carrollton Knows How To Repair Your GE Appliances

Knowing that you have a trusted and reliable appliance repair company on your side when your machines start to act up can bring you comfort when chaos strikes. We all depend on working appliances to keep our household running smoothly. If you're seeking quality repairs for your GE appliance repairs in Carrollton, Mr. Appliance is the solution. We'll address any issues and restore your appliances to their original condition. There is so much to enjoy from a GE appliance, so count on Mr. Appliance of Carrollton to remind you of that.

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