Washing Machine Repair Nashville

During those cold, wet Nashville winters, you want to ensure your washing machine is in working condition. But what happens when you proceed to throw your wet, dirty clothes into the unit, and it won't start? Or if, at the end of a cycle, your clothes are still wet? It's easy to forget just how convenient washing machines are until they're on the fritz, saving us the back-breaking labor of washing our clothes by hand. Let your local Nashville appliance repair expert restore your convenience and get the washing machine back to its former glory.

Allow us to help with all your washing machine repairs in Nashville needs. Whether your unit refuses to drain, it's leaking water, or the drum isn't spinning, our repair specialists are highly skilled professionals who can help! We know the nuances of washing machine repair in Nashville. With decades of experience in our field, a commitment to complete customer satisfaction, and an unparalleled skill set, trust us to take care of your washer repair in Nashville needs.

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Experienced Services from Your Local, Reliable Washer Repair in Nashville

How exactly can you tell your clothes washer is on the fritz when it comes to washing machine repair in Nashville? We're glad you asked! Some key telltale signs will indicate it's time to call us in for washing machine repair in Nashville.

Some common complications you might run into resulting in the need for washer repair in Nashville include:

  • The washing machine isn’t progressing through its spin cycles as it should
  • The door is leaking water
  • The washer is vibrating loudly
  • The laundry detergent is not dispensing
  • The water temperature is not adjusting as programmed
  • The machine is not draining water properly
  • Water is leaking from the machine
  • Each load is soaking and full of suds

Our team will arrive punctually and fully equipped to troubleshoot, diagnose, and fix any problem. We understand how integral washers are to the modern household. That is why we do everything in our power to restore yours promptly and affordably.

Give us a call or read on to learn more about the types of washing machine repairs in Nashville we offer!

Types of Washing Machine Repairs in Nashville We Offer

If your washing machine breaks down, you need a true professional to get it running again. Thankfully, our specialists are well-versed in offering Nashville washing machine repair to units of all shapes and sizes – no job is too big or small for them! With years of experience under their belt and expertise on multiple brands, they're the perfect choice for washer repair.

  • Top-Load Washers: Our team is adept at restoring older top-load washing machines to working order, even when some of the parts required may no longer be available. Our resourcefulness and expert washer repair in Nashville enable us to come up with clever solutions and workarounds that bring these trusty appliances back into service!
  • Front-Load Washers: With front-loading washing machines, you don't have to choose between fabric care and energy efficiency - these trusty appliances offer both! While the parts may vary from top-similars, washer repair in Nashville is straightforward due to their familiar mechanics.
  • Combination Washers: If you live in a rental or have limited room, combining the two essential laundry appliances into one can be an ideal solution. Unfortunately, not all appliance repair companies will help when something goes wrong – but with us around, homeowners and renters alike needn't worry! We are here to provide support whenever your combination washer-dryer runs into trouble.

Types of Washing Machine Brands We Service for Nashville Washing Machine Repair

You can expect our Nashville appliance pros to show up at your residence prepared to get your washer repair in Nashville done quickly and efficiently. With high-grade equipment and state-of-the-art tools, we can fix every kind of issue from many minor and major appliance brands. Some of these major brands include:

  • GE (including GE Monogram)
  • Samsung
  • Whirlpool
  • Kenmore
  • LG
  • Maytag
  • Bosch
  • Dacor
  • And more!

If we need to order a specialty part, our repair professionals will make sure you find the right match for your washer – doing everything they can to expedite the purchasing process.

Why Choose Mr. Appliance for Washer Repair in Nashville?

Don't struggle with those time-consuming DIY jobs. Allow our appliance repair service professionals to handle your washer repair in Nashville! We've been a locally owned and operated business for many years, proudly serving our local communities of Nashville, Arrington, Fairview, Brentwood, and more!

Since we're local, we're uniquely positioned to fulfill the needs of whatever Nashville and surrounding areas need. Our team is committed to delivering you long-lasting solutions, so you don't have to worry about constant repairs and appliance issues. Whatever washing machine repairs in Nashville you need, we can handle it! With our efficient and effective solutions, unsurpassed professionalism, and the highest quality service, there's no wonder we're Nashville’s #1 choice for washer repair in Nashville.

Request a service appointment with one of our experienced appliance repair experts and see how we can help! Feel free to inquire about other appliance services, whether it’s maintenance or repairs.

FAQs for Washing Machine Repair in Nashville

What Is the Most Common Issue When It Comes To Washing Machine Repairs in Nashville?

One of the most common washing machine issues is your unit leaking water. Most often, when your machine is leaking water, there's an issue with your water supply hoses. If your hoses are not securely connected to the washer, you will have water leakage issues. Your hose connections are usually located on the rear of the machine. Simply pull the machine out and note if there is any leakage coming from the hoses. Another cause of a leaky machine could be a clogged drain system. When your drain system is clogged, it will not allow water to drain, eventually causing a leak. For front-load washers, ensure there are no cracks or holes in the door gasket, as these can result in leakage as well. If you're facing any of these issues, washing machine repair in Nashville is needed.

Whatever the cause of your leak, just call in our appliance repair professionals to handle your washing machine repairs in Nashville. We'll stop that leak in its tracks and get your machine back in working condition.

Why Is the Drum Not Spinning in My Washer? Do I Need a Washing Machine Repair in Nashville?

There could be a wide range of reasons why your unit's drum has stopped spinning. Some common causes behind the need for washer repair in Nashville include:

  • Blocked drain pump: When your drain pump is blocked, it will halt the water flow into the machine. Common causes of blockage are usually debris from dirty clothes, like coins or a stick of chapstick. To determine whether your drain pump is blocked or broken, test it with a multimeter. If the multimeter doesn't detect a reading, the pump is broken, and it's time for washing machine repair in Nashville. If it does, then the pump is blocked.
  • Broken or worn-out motor brush: Motor brushes will become worn out over time. These brushes are the connection piece between the drum and the motor. If they're worn out, it's time for a new motor brush and washing machine repairs in Nashville.
  • Broken drive belt: The drive belt's job is to turn the drum, so if it's broken or damaged, the drum cannot spin. When the drive belt is in working condition, if you try to move the drum by hand, there will be resistance. If the drive belt is broken, it will easily spin around, due to the drive belt being disconnected from the unit's motor, and you'll need to call us in for washing machine repair in Nashville. A broken belt can also create excessive noise.
  • Low water pressure: Your water pressure could also be low. To check if your unit has low water pressure, disconnect the water supply hoses at the back of the machine. Let the hoses drain into a bucket. Set a timer for one minute. After one minute, the bucket should have filled with about 10 liters of water. If the result is less than this, then you likely have a low water pressure issue. If you're still unsure if low water pressure is the issue, call in our professionals to determine if you need washing machine repair in Nashville.
  • Overloaded unit: Washers have sensors that can kick in to prevent leakage or other damages. When you overload your washer, these sensors can be triggered and prevent the drum from spinning. Underloading the unit can also cause these sensors to initiate.

What Other Appliance Repairs Do You Provide Besides Washing Machine Repair in Nashville?

We offer repairs and servicing for many kinds of appliances. Some of our most sought-after services include:

Don't see your appliance listed above? Call our customer care team for information on our professional appliance repair services in Nashville.

Are You Ready to Get That Broken Appliance Back Up and Running? Rely On Us For Washing Machine Repair in Nashville!

Do you want an appliance repair company that goes the extra mile? Our experienced and reliable pros are devoted to utilizing their honed skills for top-notch quality results on each job – no exceptions! With years of expertise backing them up, you can trust that we’ll provide the best repairs possible to guarantee your satisfaction every time. We can help with a whole range of issues. Whether you're dealing with a broken drum, a faulty drain, or a block in your unit's water hose, there are no better repair professionals for washing machine repairs in Nashville than our trusted team of experts.

Contact our excellent customer service team today to book an appointment with a member of our appliance repair team. We'll restore your peace of mind knowing your washing machine repair in Nashville couldn't be in better hands.

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