Washer Repair Services in Brandon

What’s worse than having piles of dirty clothes? Probably not being able to wash said dirty clothes because of a broken washing machine. Don’t wait for the problem to worsen or for more clothes to pile up. At Mr. Appliance of Brandon and Riverview, we deliver superior-quality appliance repair services for washing machines of almost any make and model.

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Our experienced and industry-trained technicians have spent years honing their skills and following best practices. We’ve repaired combination washers/dryers, high-efficiency washers, top-loading washers, and front-loading washers. You can count on our Brandon team to provide the repair solutions you deserve to extend the life of your washing machine and leave you satisfied with our workmanship.

3 Ways to Keep Your Washer from Breaking Down

While we enjoy being able to support our neighbors and friends in the Brandon area, we think it’s important to offer education to help avoid issues. Below are three ways to avoid potential malfunctions with your washing machine.

1. Clean it regularly

Whether you have a brand-new washer or one that’s a few years old, it needs to be cleaned regularly to remove any dirt or grime buildup. You’ll want to disinfect the drum, door, and dispenser at least once a month to prevent operational problems.

2. Don’t overload it

Doing laundry probably isn’t most people’s favorite pastime, so the urge to do it all at once and get it over with can be appealing. However, overloading your washing machine adds extra stress on the motor and keeps your clothes from getting as clean as possible. To avoid overloading your washer, leave roughly 6 inches of space from the top of the drum.

3. Use the correct detergent

Most washers are high-efficiency, meaning they need a high-efficiency detergent. What’s a high-efficiency detergent, you ask? It’s a product that’s low-sudsing and designed for washing machines that dispense low water levels, saving water usage and energy costs. If you don’t use the correct detergent for your washing machine, you risk compromising its performance.

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A Thorough Washing Machine Repair Process

Our Brandon appliance repair experts follow a proven strategy to repair your washing machine and keep it operating long-term. We infuse industry best practices with on-the-job experience to execute a process that has helped us deliver exceptional support for years.

We adhere to a comprehensive process that includes:

  • Assessing your appliance – We thoroughly inspect your appliance to diagnose the problem and write down the details for you.
  • Informing you of our findings – We communicate openly about the problems ailing your washing machine before we ever start the repairs.
  • Presenting an appliance repair estimate – Once we know what’s wrong with your washer, we create an estimate and present it to you for approval.
  • Performing detailed repairs – With your approval of the estimate, we perform accurate and detailed appliance repairs to get your washer operating at peak efficiency.

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