LG Washer LE Code: What It Is and How to Fix It

 Mr. Appliance Technician reviewing service options for washing machine with home owner.

You’re doing laundry when all of a sudden, your LG washer reads: LE. You may be wondering, What does this mean and how do I fix it? The LE code means that your machine’s drum is failing to spin due to an issue with your washer’s motor.

The solutions for eliminating this error code range from simple to complex and can include resetting your washer, repairing your washer’s motor, or replacing your appliance’s drive belt.

If you’re trying to figure out the mystery of the LG washer LE code, you’ve come to the right place. Our experts have suggestions that will have your washing machine spinning again in no time.

Resetting Your LG Washer to Clear the LE Error Code

Most of the time, the LE code on your washer only requires an easy fix that you can perform on your own. Before you call an appliance professional, try these straightforward solutions first:

  • Reset the machine: To reset your washer, unplug it from the power source, wait five minutes, and plug it in again.
  • Lighten your washer’s load: If your appliance has too many clothes in it, the motor has a harder time spinning the drum. Try removing some heavier items from your washer and restarting it.
  • Check for foreign objects in the drum: Sometimes, objects such as coins or buttons get stuck in your washer’s drum, preventing it from spinning. For safety, unplug your machine first, then check for and remove any foreign objects using pliers or tweezers. Reset your machine after removing the object.

Clothes in washing machine drum.

If you are still seeing the LE error message after trying the above, you need to call an appliance professional. Mr. Appliance® has experience in handling troubleshooting situations involving the LG LE washer code. Find an appliance technician near you to schedule service for your LG washing machine.

Below are some of the more complex causes for the LG LE code, along with how our technicians resolve them. Do not try to diagnose or fix these on your own, as you could mistakenly create larger, more expensive problems.

Possible Causes for LE Code on an LG Washing Machine

Malfunctioning Motor

Your washing machine’s motor turns its drum. If the motor malfunctions, it affects your drum’s ability to spin. Whether your motor has defective winding or a clogged ventilation system, you’ll need an appliance technician to diagnose and treat this issue. Your technician will either repair or replace the faulty part on your motor so that your machine runs normally again.

Mr. Appliance technician servicing a washing maching.

Faulty Motor Control Unit

The motor control unit (MCU) tells your motor what to do. When your MCU is faulty, it can’t send the proper signals to your machine’s motor. The motor stalls or stops, which triggers the LG code.

When an MCU isn’t working properly, it typically needs to be replaced in order to stop the imbalance and make the LE error code disappear.

Loose Belt

If your washer’s belt is loose or broken, it can’t supply the motor with the power that it needs to turn the drum. Although this might seem like an easy fix, only a qualified service professional should diagnose and repair belt issues.

If your belt is loose, your appliance technician will tighten it to the correct tension. However, broken or damaged belts need replacement.

Let Mr. Appliance Fix Your LG Washer LE Code

If you have tried some of the easier fixes, such as resetting your machine and lightening your laundry load, but are still receiving the LG washer LE code, let Mr. Appliance help.

Although we are not an in-warranty service provider, we meticulously repair both in-warranty and out-of-warranty LG appliances. Don’t spend another day wondering which fix your LG washer needs.

Schedule an appointment online now with your local Mr. Appliance technician or call us to find the precise cause and solution for your washer woes.