Quick Guide to Dishwasher Safe Water Bottles

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You do your part for the environment by drinking from a reusable water bottle. How do you take care of that bottle, so it lasts as long as possible? A good start is knowing what types of water bottles can be run through the dishwasher.

Can Metal Water Bottles Go in the Dishwasher?

It depends on what type of metal your bottle is and whether it’s insulated.

Stainless steel: sometimes dishwasher safe. Some stainless steel water bottles are labeled as dishwasher safe if they’re a single layer and have no powder coatings or sensitive components like handles and seals. However, hand-washing is the best way to clean stainless steel, as dishwasher detergents could cause corrosion or damage over time. Any insulated, powder-coated, or painted stainless steel bottle should be hand-washed instead of run through the dishwasher.

Aluminum: not dishwasher safe. Avoid putting an aluminum water bottle in the dishwasher, as they are almost always lined with a protective material that will break down in a dishwasher. When exposed, the raw aluminum will react with certain liquids and break down.

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Are Plastic Water Bottles Dishwasher Safe?

It depends. Disposable plastic water bottles aren’t dishwasher safe, but many reusable plastic water bottles are. If you have a durable, BPA-free water bottle made from a type of co-polyester or polypropylene, chances are it’s dishwasher safe. Just double-check the manufacturer’s guidelines for washing your bottle.

Are Blender Bottles Dishwasher Safe?

If the blender whisk is steel and the bottle is BPA-free plastic, your shaker bottle is probably top-rack dishwasher safe, and the whisk can be placed in the silverware basket. Of course, it may depend on what brand you have.

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Are Glass Water Bottles Dishwasher Safe?

Yes, most glass water bottles are dishwasher safe, unless they have other components made from more sensitive materials.

How to Tell If a Water Bottle Is Dishwasher Safe

There are various versions of dishwasher-safe labels for water bottles. Your water bottle might have a “dishwasher safe” text label on the bottom, or it may have one of these symbols:

  • A square with a cup and fork icon inside
  • A square with a wine glass and water droplets inside
  • A plate or several dishes with water droplets or dotted lines above

If your bottle doesn’t have any of these indicators, you can check the manufacturer’s website for specific care instructions.

How to Hand-Wash a Water Bottle

If you bought a bottle and found out it’s not dishwasher compatible, here’s the easiest way to hand-wash it:

  • Fill the bottle with hot water and a few drops of dish soap.
  • Use a bottle brush to scrub the full interior, the lip, and all other parts.
  • If the bottle seems clean, continue to the next step. If it still has residue or an unpleasant odor, fill it with cold water and a splash of bleach, and let it sit for at least a few hours.
  • Rinse it completely with hot water.
  • Dry it with a clean towel.

Finally, here’s a tip that makes washing easier: Prevent an overly dirty water bottle by rinsing it every time you’ve emptied it. This is especially important if you’ve been drinking something that’s not water. Even if you were just drinking water from the bottle, your saliva—and therefore bacteria—will be on it. Removing that as soon as possible makes it easier to thoroughly clean the bottle later.

Take Care of Your Water Bottle and Your Dishwasher!

Now that you’re prepared to keep your water bottle in excellent condition, take that same approach with your dishwasher! Practice routine dishwasher maintenance, and trust your local experts at Mr. Appliance for professional maintenance and repair services. We know how to keep your dishwasher and the rest of your appliances working efficiently. Visit us here to schedule an appointment or call us.

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