Is your Samsung dishwasher acting sluggish? Making weird noises? Not turning on? Your local Mr. Appliance® would be happy to help. We’ve spent more than two decades perfecting our Samsung dishwasher troubleshooting, repair, and maintenance services. Even though it’s a brand we encounter every day, we’ll treat your Samsung appliance—and you—with respect and care.

Schedule service with our reliable team, and specify whether your appliance has a warranty. We’ll rescue your dishwasher.

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What We’ll Do for Your Dishwasher

Problems like extended wash cycles, leaks, and ineffective drainage are symptoms of many potential causes. Our experts will identify the true cause and recommend a quick, quality solution. Parts we commonly replace include the thermostat, float switch, impellers, and more.

With upfront pricing and guaranteed workmanship, we’ll make sure you’re pleased with your Samsung dishwasher repair service. Additionally, we offer routine maintenance services to extend the service life of your appliance.

Samsung Dishwasher Problems We Commonly Fix

You say this. We do that.

“My Samsung dishwasher’s not draining.” We know that issue! If your Samsung dishwasher won’t drain, it could be due to a clogged filter or drain hose, a burned-out solenoid, the drain sump, or even the door switch. Our experts will get to the bottom of this swampy problem for you.

“My Samsung dishwasher won’t start.” Bummer. When your Samsung dishwasher’s not working at all, it might not be getting power. Check the plug and your breaker box first. Other potential issues could be related to the lock and/or latch, the control panel, and other components. This is best diagnosed by an expert.

“My Samsung dishwasher’s making loud noise when starting.” There could be a faulty pump, drain line, or bearing in the wash pump motor. Don’t ignore this, as it could turn into a more major repair situation.

“My Samsung dishwasher’s not cleaning dishes very well.” There could be an issue with the filter, spray arm, soap dispenser, or several other parts. We have a troubleshooting guide for this particular problem, but the surest and fastest fix is reaching out to us.

“My Samsung dishwasher smells like fish—or worse.” A dirty drain hose, filter, spray arm, or interior surface can cause those odors. Learn how to clean a smelly dishwasher and troubleshoot the smell too.

Schedule Samsung Dishwasher Repair Near Me

No matter what signs of trouble your dishwasher is displaying, our experts can handle it. To connect with Mr. Appliance for local Samsung dishwasher service, call or schedule your appointment online.

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