Living in Granbury offers the best of both worlds: the tranquility of a small town and the convenience of a big city. Of course, nothing can ruin the peace of mind like a malfunctioning control board on your washing machine or a refrigerator that won’t stay cool. You have a busy enough life as it is, you don’t have time for a faulty home appliance. So whether you’re having issues with your laundry appliances or your restaurant’s oven won’t work, you know there is one local appliance repair company you can call to handle all your Granbury appliance repair needs.

The dedicated team of service professionals at Mr. Appliance of Weatherford and Granbury are who you should call when you need professional and reliable appliance repair in Granbury, TX. Their experienced experts are dedicated to providing personalized solutions, timely service on your schedule, quality workmanship, and complete customer satisfaction for every service request they respond to. With up-front pricing, expert advice, and a commitment to transparent communication, the team at Mr. Appliance of Weatherford and Granbury ensures that you are well-informed throughout your entire Granbury appliance repair process.

Contact a customer service representative to learn more about the complete list of services we offer, or keep reading to learn more about appliance repair in Granbury, TX.

Services for Appliance Repair in Granbury TX

The repair professionals at Mr. Appliance of Weatherford and Granbury offer a comprehensive range of services for home appliance repair or commercial appliance repair in Granbury, TX. From common oven repair issues to troubleshooting a faulty washer, our team of experienced professionals will ensure your efficient repair service will be completed with excellent workmanship and customer service, giving you the peace of mind that comes from a well-functioning appliance.

Refrigerator Repair

If your fridge isn’t running, you better call a repair expert from your local Mr. Appliance. Whether it’s issues with the door seals, a faulty thermostat, dusty condenser coils, or unusual noises, our refrigerator repair experts can get to the problem of your refrigerator problems, and get it up and running in no time.

Oven Repair

If you’re having issues with your oven, there goes your dinner plans. Whether it’s fixing a temperature sensor with stove repairs, troubleshooting a malfunctioning control board, or replacing a faulty igniter with cooktop repairs, our team of professional Granbury appliance repair experts can complete many common oven issues effectively and efficiently.

Dishwasher Repair

No one wants to handwash their dishes when they have a kitchen appliance that can do it for them, that’s why our team can complete a number of common dishwasher repairs and part replacements during your dishwasher repair appointment. Whether it’s a clogged filter, blocked spray arm, leaks, issues with the water intake valve, or any number of potential issues, you can count on our experts to get your clean dishes taken care of in a timely manner with our service for kitchen appliance repair in Granbury, TX.

Washing Machine Repair

A number of issues can cause your clothes washer to not work properly. So if you’re having issues with leaks, water inlet screens, excessive vibration, or unusual noises, we can provide timely washing machine repair. If there are issues with your washer’s drain pipe, spin solenoid, drive belt, or wiring issues, just schedule a repair service, and our Granbury appliance repair experts will get to the bottom of it.

Dryer Repair

Our professional team can fix all your common dryer problems, including uncommon issues. So whether you have a gas dryer or an electric dryer, you can count on our local Granbury appliance repair service providers to fix issues with the drum, control panel, heating coil, or temperature switch.

Commercial Appliance Repair in Granbury, TX

In addition to household appliances, the team at Mr. Appliance is skilled in Granbury appliance repairs for commercial businesses. Whether you need expert solutions for your commercial dishwasher, stove, pizza oven, or deep fryer, we offer the professional service businesses need for their commercial-grade equipment.

Unlike household appliances, commercial appliances face consistent, heavy use. While your oven may see prolonged use around holidays or meal times, a commercial appliance is always in constant operation during business hours, sometimes even for 24 hours a day. As such, business owners need to be able to depend on their appliances, no matter if it’s in a laundromat, a hotel kitchen, a local café, or a popular restaurant. That’s why we offer comprehensive business services for when you need commercial appliance repair in Granbury, TX.

By choosing our Granbury appliance repair service, you can focus on growing your business, and let us take care of the appliance problems.

Mr. Appliance is Your Top Choice For Appliance Repair, Granbury TX

Who do you call when your home or business needs dependable appliance repair in Granbury, TX? You call Mr. Appliance of Weatherford and Granbury of course! Our service team members have an average of eight years of experience under their belts, so whether it’s a common repair or a complicated part replacement, you know that our experts will ensure your Granbury appliance repair service is done right.

With flexible scheduling options, a warranty on our parts and work, and a commitment to customer care, it’s no wonder why so many happy customers leave detailed reviews. We strive to provide the best possible experience for your needed appliance repair in Granbury, TX. Having a downed appliance is bad enough, so why not get the most out of your service by contacting the Granbury appliance repair experts you can depend on?

Our service professionals serve communities west of Fort Worth, including communities like Aledo, Millsap, and Weatherford, and are committed to delivering exceptional results and building long-lasting relationships with the communities we serve. So if you need a local repair company to service your appliance, you can trust the expertise of our skilled team to provide professional service for appliance repair in Granbury, TX.

Stop your search for ‘washer and dryer repair near me!’ If you’re looking for a made-in-Texas solution for your appliance woes, contact our team today, and experience the exceptional service that can only be provided by our experts in appliance repair in Granbury, TX.
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