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Refrigerator & Freezer Repairs by Mr. Appliance of Spring Hill, FL

Mr. Appliance of Spring Hill provides residential freezer repairs in Florida. Do you need help with gasket seal problems with your freezer or refrigerator? Our professionals are here to help identify and solve any problem you’re experiencing. We have carried a positive reputation with our company since 1996, reaching over 250 locations in the United States and Canada. This has allowed us to serve communities like Brooksville and Homosassa, FL, with the highest quality care when you need it most. If you have questions or discover signs for freezer repairs, you shouldn’t hesitate to help. Contact us today for your service appointment.

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Reliable Refrigerator & Freezer Repairs

Nothing is worse than opening your freezer to thawed food that has gone bad. This situation can occur due to a seal that isn’t attached correctly when you go to shut the door. We understand the frustration this causes, especially when losing money on groceries you’ve purchased for yourself and your family. If you’re unsure how to handle this situation, we are here to help with professional freezer repairs. When you call our team, we will readily be available to help in a timely manner. Your positive experience is our top priority!

What Are the Reasons Why Your Freezer Door Isn’t Sealing?

There are several reasons why you may need a residential freezer repair. If your freezer or refrigerator door isn’t shutting properly, we will help you with an optimal solution. Most of the time, this is an easy fix with a short maintenance appointment. You may be able to repair the issue yourself with our guidance. Here are the most common causes that need freezer repair services:

  • Dirty Gasket – You can fix this issue by mixing dishwashing soap and water in a bowl. You’ll then dip a toothbrush in the mixture to clean the gasket.
  • Defective Door – To repair this, move your hand along the edges of the closed freezer door. If your seal is loose, you’ll feel cold air coming out of it. Use a cotton swab to insert Vaseline into the groove below the loose rubber, then push the seal back into place.
  • Gasket Needs Reattaching – You can use adhesive tape or glue to reattach the gasket for an easy fix!
  • Gasket Needs Replaced – You can replace the gasket alone or call a professional to do the job. If you choose to replace it yourself, take the gasket from its packaging and soak it in warm water for at least 10 minutes. While you’re waiting, you can work on removing the old one. Wipe the new gasket dry before mounting it along your freezer door edges.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question, we have an answer! Consider the following frequent inquiries we receive about our services and your appliances.

  • Why is my freezer door not shutting?
      1. Your freezer door may only shut partially for many reasons. This could be from a damaged door seal to a dirty gasket that needs to be cleaned. If you are unsure, be sure to give us a call for our team to help you.
  • How can I tell if my freezer door seal is bad?
      1. You can perform a paper test to check if your freezer door seal needs to be replaced. Place a piece of paper between the gasket and freezer, shut the door, then tug on the paper. You may need to inquire about a seal replacement if the paper comes out.
  • Does Vaseline help a freezer door seal?
      1. Vaseline aids in softening a door seal when it is dried. This won’t completely fix any cracks or other damages, but it will temporarily seal the gasket until you can replace it.
  • What brands do we service?
        1. We provide services for many brands on the market, including the following:
        1. KitchenAid
        2. LG
        3. Whirlpool
        4. Kelvinator
        5. Revco
        6. Samsung
        7. GE

    Trust Us for Your Residential Freezer Repairs Today

    Mr. Appliance of Spring Hill is committed to assisting you with your freezer and refrigerator whenever a problem arises. If you have an issue, we have a solution to get you back on track with keeping your groceries cold and fresh for use. Our reliable team has the unique gift of developing trust with customers to maintain your appliances by prioritizing your concerns. We work based on respect and integrity to leave a lasting impression on you and your family. Contact us today for questions or to schedule a repair appointment.

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