Dishwasher Repair Service & Maintenance in Rogers, MN

Are your dishes still dirty after your cycle? Mr. Appliance of Rogers can help!

Tired of struggling to keep your dishwasher running Mr. Appliance of Rogers provides professional and reliable dishwasher repair service & maintenance to restore all types of dishwashers. We specialize in diagnosing and repairing problems quickly while ensuring a quality job, so you don't have any further complications. Our experienced technicians use premium tools and supplies with knowledge that comes from years in the industry.

Signs your dishwasher is broken

  • Dishes not coming out of your dishwasher as clean as they once did.
  • Wet or dry spots being left behind
  • Water not draining.
  • Moisture or moldy odors.
  • Loud noises coming from the appliance.
  • Dishes don't feel hot when you're done.
  • Latch won't open.

If any of these signs sound familiar to you, it's time to call for a dishwasher repair. It's best to address these repairs sooner rather than later in order to make sure the job is done right and prevent more costly repairs down the line.

Why choose the experts at Mr. Appliance of Rogers for your dishwasher repairs?

  • Client testimonials - Our client testimonials and ratings speak for themselves.
  • Our parts are labored and warrantied - We stand behind our workmanship with a 1-year Parts and Labor warranty for residential services.
  • Upfront, flat rate pricing.
  • Our dishwasher repair technicians are knowledgable, polite, show up on time, and leave no trace behind.

Contact us today online or call us today for prompt dishwasher repair services.

Let us take care of the headache for you - we guarantee fast response times, competitive prices, and a hassle-free experience! With our help, your dishwasher will be up-and-running again so you can go back to enjoying clean dishes without extra effort or worry.

Dishwasher Installation

In addition to our dishwasher repair services, we can also replace any broken dishwasher parts and, if necessary, install a new dishwasher. We understand that not everyone is familiar with the installation process, which is why our technicians will be more than happy to walk you through every step of the way. Dishwasher installation isn't as complicated as it may seem, but it's always better to leave it to the professionals.

Do not hesitate to call us if you require dishwasher installation. We'll send one of our experienced technicians to your home to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Installation of a dishwasher is simple when you have our team on your side. Contact us today to learn more!

Frequently asked questions about dishwashers

Is it worth it to fix a dishwasher?

You may be asking yourself whether it's worth fixing your dishwasher or buying a new one. The answer is, it depends. If your dishwasher has a minor issue such as a blocked filter or a clogged spray arm, then it may be worth fixing it. However, if the dishwasher has major problems such as repeated breakdowns or a faulty control panel or motor, it may be more cost-effective to buy a new one. As a general rule, if the repair costs exceed 50% of the cost of a new dishwasher, then it's better to replace it.

Can my dishwasher be fixed?

Yes, most dishwashers can be fixed. However, it depends on the issue at hand. Some common dishwasher problems that can be easily fixed include unclogging the spray arm or filter, replacing the door switch, or fixing the dishwasher's drainage system. However, for more severe issues such as a faulty motor or control panel, it may be necessary to call a repair technician. They have the expertise and experience to diagnose and repair complicated issues.

What is the average lifespan of a dishwasher?

The average lifespan of a dishwasher is 9-10 years. However, with proper maintenance and care, your dishwasher can last up to 15 years. Regular cleaning, emptying the dishwasher's filter, and not overloading the dishwasher can all help prolong its life. It's also essential to only use dishwasher detergents specifically formulated for dishwashers, and not regular dish soap.

Let us fix any of your dishwasher repairs. Call us or contact us online.

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