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Repairing a microwave oven yourself is complex and requires tools and experience. If you need microwave oven repairs in Richmond, Hockley, Waller, Katy, Brookshire, Sealy, Rosenberg, or Needville, TX, you should contact a professional. Our team at Mr. Appliance of Richmond TX has years of experience in repairing microwave ovens of all types, styles, and brands. We can quickly assess your microwave and determine if it is safe, possible, and cost-effective to repair it. Call us today to schedule a consultation for microwave oven repair services.

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Review the Dangers of Repairing a Microwave Oven Yourself

A microwave oven’s capacitors can hold an electrical charge of thousands of volts, even if it has been unplugged for hours or days. If you don’t have the tools and experience necessary for repairing microwave ovens, you should not attempt it. You could be electrocuted or suffer other injuries. Attempting microwave oven repairs without the proper tools might completely damage the microwave oven and you’ll end up needing to replace it. The complex electronics inside a microwave oven require specialized training and tools, and you should always hire a professional for repairs.

Explore Our Professional Microwave Oven Repairing Services

We offer fast, reliable, and thorough microwave oven repairs. Some of the most common problems we fix are:

  • Transformer replacement
  • Circuit board replacement
  • Control panel replacement
  • Door latch, hinges, or spring replacement
  • Door replacement
  • Plate, roller, coupler, or drive roller replacement
  • Door interlock switch replacement
  • Voltage diode, magnetron, motor, or cooling fan replacement

We offer microwave oven repair for all brands, including GE, Samsung, KitchenAid, Whirlpool, and Maytag. We can repair countertops, over-the-range, built-in, and drawer-style (slide-out) microwaves. We carry and source common microwave replacement parts, including:

  • Lights
  • Fuses
  • Switches
  • Capacitors
  • Fan motors
  • Tray motors
  • Drive bushings
  • Stirrer belts
  • Diodes
  • Magnetrons

Microwave Oven Repairs vs. Replacing Your Microwave

Even the most expensive microwave ovens don’t last forever. If your microwave is broken, you will need to choose between microwave oven repairs or just replacing your microwave. Most new models of microwave ovens are affordable, even ones that offer top-of-the-line features. It might be more expensive to pay for repairing a microwave oven than it would be to get a new one. When choosing between replacing or repairing microwave ovens, consider these factors:

  • The age of the microwave.
  • The original cost of the microwave.
  • Whether its features still meet your needs.
  • Whether the style of the microwave still matches your kitchen decor.
  • How powerful the microwave is.
  • The cost of buying a comparable replacement.
  • The cost of microwave oven repair services.
  • Whether it is still under warranty.

If you have a more expensive, higher-end microwave that is four years old or younger, it is probably worth repairing. If you have a mid-range microwave oven that is five to seven years old, it might be less expensive to replace it. You should definitely replace a microwave oven that is more than eight years old.

When To Call a Professional for Repairing of Microwave Ovens

It is important to know when you need to contact a professional. You should call our professionals for microwave oven repairs if your microwave is exhibiting any of these problems:

  • The plate won’t turn.
  • The microwave won’t turn on.
  • The microwave isn’t heating evenly or at all.
  • The microwave isn’t as powerful as it used to be.
  • One or more buttons or settings don’t work.
  • The microwave door won’t close properly.
  • The microwave door is stuck closed.
  • The microwave won’t turn off.
  • The microwave is noisy.
  • The touchpad doesn’t respond.
  • The exhaust fan isn’t working.
  • The light is out.

Why Choose Mr. Handyman for Repairing Microwave Ovens

We have years of experience in microwave oven repairs. We have the knowledge, training, and tools necessary to complete complex repairs without injury or damaging your property. We can also quickly assess your microwave, diagnose the problem, and determine if it would be more cost-effective to repair or replace your microwave. In addition to microwave oven repair, we also offer many other appliance repair and troubleshooting services. If you need a service we don’t offer, we’re happy to refer you to another company in the Neighborhood Family. We also comply with the Neighborly Done Right Promise. If you aren’t happy with our microwave oven repair services, call us within one year and we’ll send someone back to your home to make it right.

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Call us today or contact us online for microwave oven repair in Richmond, Hockley, Waller, Katy, Brookshire, Sealy, Rosenberg, or Needville, TX. We can quickly diagnose the problem with your microwave. We carry a wide range of microwave oven replacement parts and can help you decide between replacing or repairing a microwave.

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