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Dishwashers are an integral part of modern life. They help speed up the process of getting dishes clean so that you can get onto more important tasks. Understandably, it can be incredibly frustrating when your dishwasher malfunctions. Whether you are struggling with inconsistent wash cycles, a drain issue, or a door latch that refuses to lock, you are not alone. Mr. Appliance of Reno offers professional dishwasher repair service that can make all the difference.

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Whether you taking proactive measures to improve the quality of your dishwasher’s performance, or confronted with a pressing dishwasher emergency, we have you covered. Prompt and punctual, our technicians will come to your residence to troubleshoot and diagnose the problem.

Sensitive to your busy schedule, we do everything in our power to accommodate your needs and schedule. With the ability to book online through our Service On Your Schedule® system, our business relies on the latest technology to streamline customer service. We also conveniently offer flat rates and contactless payment options. We know life is hectic. Therefore, dishwasher repair should be as seamless as possible.

Common Dishwasher Issues & How We Can Help

Are you looking for routine maintenance? Are you searching for an urgent and specific repair? Do not panic! With technical knowledge and reliable workmanship, our top goal is to get your appliance functioning smoothly again. Backed by quality experience and expertise, our dishwasher repair technicians are quick to uncover underlying problems. Some frequent dishwasher repairs we have serviced include:

  • A dishwasher that is not turning on. This problem may involve the electronic control unit, the door latch, a switch, a fuse, a timer, or the motor relay.
  • A dishwasher that leaks. We will first inspect the soap dispenser. If nothing appears unusual, we will check the door seal, spray arm assembly, motor gasket, inlet valve, and pumps.
  • A dishwasher that refuses to fully drain. When water remains after a cycle, we will investigate the drain pump, hose, and pump motor. It is possible that the drain is clogged, the solenoid is compromised, the rinse dispenser is jammed, the thermostat has stopped working, or the heating functions are broken.
  • A dishwasher that makes a racket. Loud noises may result from a number of issues with your dishwasher, including worn-out washer arm, failed pumps, or defective motor bushings.
  • A dishwasher that will not release or pump out water. From the inlet solenoid valve to the overflow float switch to a blocked intake valve, there can be several causes for a dishwasher that won’t release or pump water correctly. A trapped float arm, spray arm blockage, and mineral buildup are also possible culprits.
  • A dishwasher detergent dispenser that fails to dispense. This is likely because the release function in the detergent compartment or the wax motor have failed.
  • A dishwasher that does not sufficiently clean dishes. This usually indicates an issue with the housing gasket, impellers, filters, tubes, spray arms, or pumps. If your dishes are cloudy after cycles, you might need a better softener to deal with hard water.

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