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When people think of house fires, they often accredit it to poor ventilation or malfunctioning stoves. Their laundry room is usually the last place to come to mind. However, clogged dryer vents are one of the leading causes for residential fires. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, an average of 2,900 clothes dryer fires are reported every year. Additionally, the Consumer Product Safety Commission found that about $75 million worth of damage is reported each year.

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One of the main causes for dryer fires is clogged dryer vents. At Mr. Appliance of Orlando, we provide quality dryer vent cleaning services to ensure your home and business stay protected all year round. Research shows that only 25% of the lint produced in the drying process is actually caught by the trap. The rest moves into the vent system, blocking airflow and creating fire hazards.

Keep your dryer working efficiently while protecting your property. Call (407) 326-2581 for quality dryer vent cleaning in Orlando.

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Clothes dryer fires can occur instantly and when you least expect it. At Mr. Appliance of Orlando, our skilled Orlando appliance repair experts offer regular maintenance services for your dryer vents.

Check out ways to prevent dryer fires:

  • Remove lint from trap after each load
  • Make sure dryer duct is made of sturdy material (not foil/vinyl)
  • Have your dryer vents serviced annually by a professional
  • If possible, minimize the exhaust duct

By regularly maintaining your dryer, not only will you protect your home from fires, but you can reduce utility bills, extend the life of the dryer, and prevent property damage. At Mr. Appliance, our team has the skill and tools necessary for effective dryer bent cleaning and maintenance. Our professionals are always prompt, uniformed, and courteous. In fact, we make the process so pleasant, you’ll want to call us back immediately (though hopefully not too soon).

Does your dryer vent need to be cleaned out? Call (407) 326-2581 to get started.

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