4 Affordable Refrigerator Parts We Can Easily Replace

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Frequently Replaced Refrigerator Parts

When refrigerator issues arise and food starts to spoil, it can be easy to panic. At Mr. Appliance of Memphis, we will do everything we can to come to the rescue. Restoring refrigerators and similar kitchen appliances is our specialty. We go above and beyond to get everyday household appliances running smoothly again – without breaking our customers’ budgets.

For peace of mind, it can be beneficial to understand the likely source of common refrigerator complications. In some scenarios, you might be able to repair it yourself. However, refrigerator repairs tend to be quite involved and require a professional touch. With best-in-class appliance repair specialists and cutting-edge tools and techniques, we can troubleshoot and fix complex problems.

A Faulty Thermistor

The thermistor is a critical component of your refrigerator. It monitors the temperature and transfers this reading to the control board.

A malfunctioning thermistor can lead to several issues, including:

  • A refrigerator temperature that’s too cold
  • A refrigerator temperature that is not cold enough
  • A compressor or evaporator fan that is running too frequently
  • A compressor or evaporator fan that is not running enough

If the thermistor fails a multimeter test, we can check the wires that connect the thermistor to the electronic control board. If this is not the issue, we can get to the root of the problem for you and perform a cost-effective replacement.

A Defective Condenser Fan Motor

A faulty condenser fan motor is another reason refrigerators stop cooling. The fan’s function is to draw cool room air through the front grille to circulate it around the condenser coils and over the compressor before releasing it out the front grille. This process is a key part of regulating your refrigerator’s temperature. If it fails to perform as it should, the refrigerant temperature will rise, and the compressor can quickly overheat.

Some signs that the condenser fan is malfunctioning include:

  • It is making loud, squealing noises due to bad bearings
  • There is debris caught in the blades
  • The blades are bent
  • Frost is forming on the evaporator coil

A Damaged Evaporator Fan Motor

If your refrigerator is not cooling, there may be a problem with the evaporator fan motor. This motor plays an essential role – circulating air throughout the freezer and refrigerator.

Evaporator fans can run into problems when they cannot spin naturally because of:

  • Ice buildup on the fan blades
  • Bent fan blades
  • Overstuffed food items blocking the fan
  • The motor has lost power or died
  • The thermostat is not reading temperatures with proper continuity

Usually, a faulty evaporator fan motor will result in a loud refrigerator – especially when you have the refrigerator open. The average refrigerator uses less than a dollar of electricity each day. However, daily electricity costs can multiply quickly if your refrigerator fan is not circulating air efficiently. A broken evaporator fan can also cause food to spoil. If your notice unusual temperatures or excessive noise, it is a good idea to have a professional check the evaporator fan’s motor winding.

A Malfunctioning Water Inlet Valve

The purpose of the water inlet valve is to transfer the supply of water to the ice maker and water dispenser. The most alarming sign of a defective water inlet valve is a leak. A leak indicates the presence of a waterline crack or improperly fastened valve. Another symptom of a faulty water inlet valve is a refrigerator dispenser that won’t release water. This is often caused by a buildup of miner deposits or something jamming the waterline.

Get Professional Assistance from the Most Reliable Team in Town

Without a professional on-site, it is easy to misdiagnose refrigerator issues. At {Sub:BusinessName}, our refrigerator repair specialists can quickly and accurately pinpoint the root causes of refrigerator malfunctions. Arriving in company vans stocked full of top-of-the-line parts and equipment, we can to handle complications on any make or model quickly and affordably.

Our technicians can service:

  1. Every type of refrigerator: Classic standalone refrigerators, mini/compact fridges, side-by-side refrigerators, built-in refrigerators, refrigerator/freezer combos, and wine coolers.
  2. Every refrigerator part: Condensers, solenoids, thermostats, fans, valves, humidifiers compressors, evaporators, water filters, ice makers, and defrosters.
  3. Every brand: Maytag, LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, Frigidaire, GE, and KitchenAid, to name a few.

We also do our very best to offer affordable repair prices and promise to never tack on hidden fees or surprises. Finally, we honor our services with a Neighborly Done Right Promise®. This promise consists of a 365-day warranty on all labor and parts for residential repairs and a 30-day warranty on commercial repairs.

To request a refrigerator repair, give us a call or contact us online today!