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Microwave Repairs in Long Island

Three Decades of Appliance Repair Experience

Microwave ovens have revolutionized home cooking, playing an integral role in the lives of hundreds of millions worldwide. Using little electricity and a special form of radiation to heat food quickly—what could be better?

But when these miracles suffer from broken or damaged parts they must turn to expert repair services for help. Don’t let faulty technology keep you away from your favorite foods!

Call our experienced Long Island microwave repair technicians at (631) 792-6310.

What Types of Microwave Ovens Do You Repair?

Backed by over thirty years of appliance repair experience, Mr. Appliance of Long Island can repair all types of microwaves, including:

  • Countertop - This essential kitchen appliance can take up valuable counter space and lack ventilation. Thankfully, our experienced technicians are here to assist with all your repair needs for this popular oven type.
  • Drawer-style - With a drawer-style microwave oven, your countertop or wall space is free from those bulky appliance frames. But if you ever encounter any issues with yours - not to worry! Our repair specialists are here to help get it back in shape quickly and easily.
  • Over-the-range - Our highly-skilled technicians offer expertise and experience on popular space-saving microwave oven models that combine a range hood for greater efficiency. With their extensive knowledge, they can quickly diagnose any issues you may encounter with your appliance.
  • Built-in - Built-in microwaves fuse effortlessly with your cabinetry, offering a sleek and streamlined look. But if yours ever needs maintenance or repair work, our team is here to help!

Broken Microwave? Get Help Now!

Is your microwave having issues? Let the proficient technicians at Mr. Appliance of Long Island provide you with expert microwave oven repair services in Long Island and get your kitchen running smoothly again!

Schedule a microwave repair in Long Island by calling (631) 792-6310.

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