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Are you fed up with your freezer constantly losing heat? Do you detest having to defrost and thaw it several times every month? Don't put off fixing your freezer any longer. We can help, says Mr. Appliance of Long Island.

Our skilled repair specialists can locate the issue's root cause promptly and perform the necessary repairs, extending the life and performance of your freezer. Allow us to assist you in restoring the functionality and durability of your appliance.

Types of Freezers We Can Repair:

  • Upright Freezers
  • Chest Freezers
  • Drawer Freezers
  • Refrigerator-Freezer Combo

Need speedy, expert Long Island freezer repair? Schedule your service online today. We offer up-front pricing and a one-year warranty.

Why Is My Freezer Not Freezing?

A multitude of variables could be at play if your freezer stops functioning. Possible causes include faulty thermostats, an overfilled freezer, worn-out parts, a damaged compressor or fan motor, a loose door seal, a broken start relay, and a dirty condensing coil. Call our team of freezer repair professionals in Long Island, NY to make sure the appropriate repair is performed properly. Our knowledgeable professionals can pinpoint the specific problem and offer the appropriate solution.

What Are the Signs My Freezer is Going Out?

However, a freezer not freezing is not the only indication that you are in need of service.

Here are five signs your freezer is going out:

  • The freezer is not maintaining a consistent temperature. Food may thaw and then refreeze if the freezer is not keeping a constant temperature, which may promote the growth of bacteria and cause spoiling. The compressor coils' malfunction is probably to blame for this issue. Also, it can be connected to the temperature settings, a broken door seal, or blocked sensors.
  • The freezer is making strange noises. It may be a sign that the freezer is not working as well as it previously did if you hear any clicking, rattling, buzzing, or humming noises emanating from it. These noises may be from a failed compressor or an issue with the evaporator fan, among other potential causes.
  • The freezer door is not sealing properly. If you see a gap around the door or that the seal is no longer tight, you need to contact for freezer repair since a properly sealed door is crucial for energy efficiency and maintaining the cold air within the freezer. This might be caused by a problem with the gasket, whether it is detached, unclean, or damaged.
  • The freezer is starting to have ice or frost buildup. Your freezer's performance and efficiency may suffer if ice and frost build up inside the appliance, which may have an influence on energy usage. This issue might be brought on by a broken door seal, a broken defrost timer, or by leaving the freezer door open.
  • The freezer is leaking water. If the freezer is dripping water, it can mean that the door seals are broken or that there is a problem with the drainage system. Ice will melt and water will seep out of a freezer with damaged seals because warm air can enter the freezer. Water can leak from the freezer as a result of an issue with the drainage system, which is in charge of draining any water.

What Can Cause a Freezer to Stop Working?

It's better to leave the repair to our freezer repair professionals because a variety of factors might make your freezer malfunction. They have the abilities and know-how required to accurately diagnose the problem and make sure that it is fixed. Trust our experts to get your freezer back on track rather than taking a risky situation.

Our skilled team of professionals is outfitted with specialized expertise and equipment that ensure the secure repair of all your system's components, including broken evaporator fans, broken defrost control timers, and broken safety switches, among others.

Here to Assist With All Your Freezer Repair Needs

Our expert repair services can assist you swiftly and easily if your home freezer is having issues. We will analyze the issue and decide what treatment is necessary using dependable specialists who are knowledgeable in all facets of freezer repair in Long Island. With our expert advice, you can be confident that your home freezer will be operational once more quickly!

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