Kitchen Appliance Repair in Long Island, NY

Restoring Your Kitchen's Functioning Quickly

Mr. Appliance of Long Island offers fast and reliable kitchen appliance repair services, with certified technicians who have years of experience repairing a variety of appliances, from refrigerators to dishwashers. Whether your appliance is not cooling, not washing properly, or not heating up, our professionals have the expertise and resources to quickly diagnose and repair the problem.

Our services don't just restore your kitchen appliances to their full functionality - we also provide complete peace of mind knowing that your repairs are done properly, and your appliances will continue to perform well in the long run.

Our team of experts can repair a wide range of kitchen appliances, including:

Refrigerator Repair

An appliance like this is an essential part of any kitchen, and a breakdown can be a major inconvenience. You need to diagnose the problem if your fridge isn't cooling. Make sure the thermostat is set to the correct temperature. Vacuum the condenser coils as well. Occasionally, loose or damaged door seals cause cooling loss, so check them if the problem persists. DIY kits make it easy to replace the seal.

Freezer Repair

It is common for freezers to stop freezing food. Clogged drain lines are usually to blame. If your drain line is blocked, defrost your freezer and check it. Use hot water or a soft cloth to unclog it. It may be a problem with the evaporator coils or thermostat if the freezer is still not freezing. A professional repair is recommended in this case.

Dishwasher Repair

When in good working condition, dishwashers are convenient appliances. In case your dishwasher is noisy or not washing dishes properly, check the spray arm for clogging or damage. Ensure the arm is free of debris and replace it if it is broken. Dishwashers that do not drain are another common issue. A blockage in the drain hose can be removed by checking it and cleaning it. A professional may be needed to repair a faulty drain pump or motor.

Oven, Stove, & Range Repair

The power supply should be checked first when an oven, stove, or range does not heat up. Make sure the gas or electric supply is working properly. If the supply is fine, check the heating element or igniter. If the element or igniter isn't working, replace it. If you have an oven, clean the oven vent or door gasket as a lack of ventilation can also lead to poor heating.

Ice Maker Repair

Check the water supply line if the ice maker is not producing ice. It is possible for the line to get kinked or clogged, preventing water from flowing. If necessary, clear the blockage or replace the line. If the water inlet valve is faulty, it should be replaced. It's best to call a professional if the ice maker still doesn't produce ice.

Garbage Disposal Repair

Check the reset button under the disposal if your garbage disposal suddenly stops working. Try switching on the disposal again after pressing the reset button. Use an Allen wrench to free the stuck flywheel if the disposal is still not working. Rotate the hex key clockwise and anticlockwise to loosen a jammed disposal.

Microwave Oven Repair

Check the door switch of your microwave oven if it is not heating. The door switch can fail due to corrosion, burns, or even a bent lever. If necessary, replace the switch. The magnetron, which heats food in the microwave, could also be the problem. A professional should be consulted if the magnetron is faulty.

Kitchen Exhaust Fan Repair

If your exhaust fan is not working properly, check the fan blades for debris or blockages. Make sure the blades spin easily by cleaning them. Make sure there are no burnt-out motors or circuit breakers. If necessary, replace the motor or reset the circuit breaker.

Wine Cooler / Refrigerator Repair

There are different sizes and models of wine coolers. When it comes to repairs, they are similar to fridges. Most wine coolers don't keep the right temperature, which is a common problem. Make sure the thermostat and condenser coils are clean. It may be a fault in the compressor or other parts that requires professional repair if the problem persists.

Trash Compactor Repair

The most common problems with trash compactors are that they don't work, don't compact trash, or produce an unpleasant odor. Ensure that power is flowing through the electrical cord and outlet if it isn't working at all. A professional repair is required if the trash compactor is not compacting trash due to a faulty ram. For bad odor, clean the bin and the filter section regularly.

Repair of outdoor kitchen appliances

A great addition to your home is an outdoor appliance. If your outdoor kitchen appliances aren't working, check if the power source is connected properly. Check the protective cover for any damage or wear and tear. When it comes to outdoor kitchen appliances, a professional repair is always the best option.

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