Speedy, Expert Service for Your Sub-Zero Appliances

Are you looking for a repair expert to help fix your Sub-Zero appliance? At Mr. Appliance of Long Island, we specialize in professional Sub-Zero repair services. We’re the team you can trust to ensure that your refrigeration appliances are fixed quickly and efficiently.

For your peace of mind, we back our Sub-Zero repairs with a parts and labor warranty. You can trust us when it comes to getting the job done right! Our repair professionals are also backed by a great reputation throughout the area.

Need speedy, expert Sub-Zero repair in Long Island? We can help. Schedule your service online or call us today.

6 Common Sub-Zero Refrigerator Issues We Can Fix

At Mr. Appliance of Long Island, we can repair a wide range of common Sub-Zero refrigerator issues.

Just some of the issues we can help fix include:

  • Vacuum Condenser & Service Light: The "Vacuum Condenser" or "Service" light on your Sub-Zero refrigerator indicates that it's time to clean the condenser coils. It can also mean that your fridge has been running non-stop for 6+ hours or is leaking freon. If these lights are on, call us to schedule a service.
  • Temperature Fluctuations: Is your Sub-Zero refrigerator experiencing temperature inconsistencies? We can diagnose and repair the problem. This may involve addressing faulty thermostats, sensors, or control boards.
  • Excessive Frost or Ice Buildup: If you notice excessive frost or ice buildup in your Sub-Zero refrigerator, our experts can identify and resolve the issue. We'll check the defrost system, seals, and gaskets to help repair the issue.
  • Leaking Water: If your refrigerator is leaking water, our technicians can investigate and repair the source of the leak. This may involve fixing water supply lines, clogged drain tubes, or malfunctioning water inlet valves.
  • Noisy Operation: Is your Sub-Zero refrigerator making unusual or loud noises, such as buzzing, clicking, or grinding sounds? These aren't normal. We can diagnose and address the problem. This may include replacing faulty fans, motors, or compressors.
  • Faulty Ice Makers or Water Dispensers: If your Sub-Zero refrigerator's ice maker or water dispenser is not working properly, we can troubleshoot and repair the issue. This may involve repairing or replacing defective valves, solenoids, or switches.

Count on us to effectively diagnose and repair these and many other Sub-Zero refrigerator issues. We're familiar with Sub-Zero refrigerators and all their intricacies. We’re here for speedy, expert service when you need it most.

To schedule your Long Island Sub-Zero repair, call us or book your service online. We offer up-front, flat-rate pricing.

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