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Cooking plays a crucial role in our daily routines, and the proper operation of your oven is vital to this experience. Whether you're preparing meals for your family, entertaining guests, or cooking for yourself, a malfunctioning oven can disrupt your plans. Don't let a faulty cooking appliance stand in the way of your culinary endeavors.

The skilled technicians at Mr. Appliance of Fremont and Sandusky, OH are here to offer reliable and efficient repair services. We specialize in repairing a diverse range of electric ovens, stoves, and ranges. With our extensive expertise and unwavering dedication to providing high-quality solutions, you can have confidence in our ability to quickly restore your appliance to its optimal performance.

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Our team is dedicated to providing outstanding customer service. We are here to assist you not only in addressing any inquiries you may have regarding oven, stove, and range repair but also in efficiently resolving issues such as slow drying, noisy operations, or malfunctions.

Oven & Stove Brands We Commonly Service:

  • Whirlpool
  • GE
  • Maytag
  • KitchenAid
  • Dacor
  • Thermador
  • Frigidaire

Mr. Appliance of Fremont and Sandusky, OH can replace any part on electric ovens and ranges:

  • Thermostats
  • Temperature sensors
  • Gaskets
  • Heating elements
  • Burners
  • Igniters
  • Switches
  • Valves
  • Relays
  • Bake igniters
  • Spark electrodes
  • Spark modules
  • Ignition wires
  • Safety valves
  • Controller boards
  • Dials
  • Self-cleaning latches
  • Thermocouples

Frequently Asked Questions About Oven Repairs

Is it cheaper to fix an oven or buy a new oven?

Determining whether to repair or replace your oven depends on various factors, including the specific issue and the age of the appliance. In some cases, repairing the oven might be more cost-effective than purchasing a new one, while in other situations, replacing the oven could be a more practical choice. It's advisable to consult a professional appliance repair technician to assess the situation accurately and weigh the cost of repairs against the cost of a new oven.

Is it better to repair or replace an oven?

As a general guideline, if the repair expenses exceed 50% of the cost of a new oven, it's often recommended to opt for a replacement. Moreover, if your oven is more than 10-15 years old and requires frequent repairs, it's often wiser to invest in a new appliance instead of persistently repairing an aging oven.

How do I know when my oven needs to be replaced?

Signs indicating that your oven might need a replacement include frequent breakdowns, inconsistent temperature control, a worn-out or damaged heating element, and outdated technology. If you're encountering any of these issues with your oven, consulting a professional appliance repair technician can help you determine whether repairing or replacing the oven is the best course of action.

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