Washing Machine Repair Fond du Lac, WI

It's easy to take your washing machine for granted, but if it breaks down, you'll be fondly remembering all the time-saving convenience it offered you while you spend hours and way too much spare change at the laundromat trying to get your weekly laundry taken care of. Washers are durable appliances that can take a lot of wear and tear throughout the years, but eventually, they'll get to the point where it can't keep going without experienced washing machine repair in Fond du Lac, WI.

If you've noticed a problem that is preventing your washing machine from working as effectively and efficiently as it once did—or it's not working at all—rely on the team of Fond du Lac appliance repair experts at Mr. Appliance for reliable, experienced washer repair in Fond du Lac, WI. We have the knowledge and skill to get your washing machine working perfectly again so you can wave goodbye to the laundromat and get your household schedule back on track.

About Our Dependable Fond du Lac Washing Machine Repair Services

No one likes coping with frustrating appliance failures, and it's all the more aggravating when your washer grinds to a halt just as you're trying to handle the seemingly endless piles of dirty clothes all over your laundry room floor. When this happens, don't panic—just call our Fond du Lac washing machine repair professionals for prompt, cost-effective services that will get your washer up and running and ensure it stays that way for a long time.

There's a wide range of possibilities when it comes to what's causing the problem that requires washing machine repair in Fond du Lac, WI. Our appliance service professionals have the ongoing training and expertise to take care of just about any basic issue you may come across, so there's no need to worry that we won't be able to restore your appliance to normal function. Some of the many washer repair issues we are commonly called to handle are:

  • Unusual or disruptive noises
  • The wash cycle takes much longer than it did before
  • Water isn't draining out of the washer
  • Washing machine isn't filling with water
  • Water temperatures don't match the settings you selected
  • Misaligned drum is causing excessive vibration
  • Water leaking out of machine
  • Washing machine won't turn on or won't turn off
  • Washer doesn't dispense laundry detergent properly
  • Washer door doesn't latch shut

Call Our Experts for Quality Repair Solutions and Trusted Customer Service

Stop struggling with a clothes washer that isn't working properly when you can pick up the phone and call your local Neighborly appliance service professional at Mr. Appliance of Fond du Lac! No matter the issue, you can count on our service providers to get it solved with top-quality workmanship and exceptional customer service.

Along with washing machine repair in Fond du Lac, WI, you can call our team when you experience problems with other types of appliances. We offer a wide range of household appliance repair services, including clothes dryer repair, refrigerator repair, dishwasher repair, oven and range repair, and much more. With our flexible scheduling and upfront pricing, homeowners and business owners alike trust our team to deliver outstanding appliance repair services and practical troubleshooting advice.

FAQ: Washing Machine Repair in Fond du Lac, WI

If you have questions about Fond du Lac washing machine repair, contact us to find out the answers or check out our replies in our FAQ section below.

Can You Replace Certain Components of a Washer?

Almost all of the parts on a washing machine can be replaced by our qualified professionals That includes key components such as:

  • Washing machine lid or door
  • Washing machine motor
  • Drain pump
  • Plungers
  • Hoses
  • Pads
  • Solenoids
  • Drive belts
  • Locking tabs
  • Lid switches
  • Detergent departments
  • Main control boards
  • Timer circuitry
  • Power cords

Why Isn't My Washing Machine Draining Water?

There are several reasons why this could be happening, but one of the most common causes by far is a drain hose or pump that is clogged up by trash, lint, mineral sediments, or sometimes a small piece of clothing like a child's sock. You can't always stop this issue from occurring since you can't avoid lint or mineral buildup from hard water, but make sure to check pockets carefully before you put your laundry in the wash so you don't end up throwing bits of paper or other garbage in with your clothes.

There is another possibility. If your washing machine is stopping partway through the cycle and leaving you with a drum full of dirty water and not-so-clean laundry, it could be a problem with the lid or door of the appliance. If something is wrong with the latch, the washer may not be able to complete part of the cycle because it "thinks" the door is open when it's not. In this case, a simple latch repair should get everything working properly again. But if you notice that your washing machine is making an unusual noise or there's water leaking out of it, the problem is likely related to a broken drain pump that needs to be replaced before you use your washer again.

Which Brands of Appliances Do You Service With Washer Repair in Fond du Lac, WI?

Our team can service a wide range of major appliance brands and less common brands as well. That includes:

  • Frigidaire
  • GE
  • Jenn-Air
  • KitchenAid
  • LG
  • Maytag
  • Samsung
  • Sub-Zero
  • Whirlpool
  • And many more!

Is It Time for Washing Machine Repair in Fond du Lac, WI? Mr. Appliance is Waiting for Your Call!

If you need washer repair in Fond du Lac, WI or nearby areas such as North Fond du Lac, Woodhull, or Taycheedah, call our friendly office staff today to schedule repair service with our highly-rated local pros. At Mr. Appliance of Fond du Lac, we take pride in delivering excellent customer service combined with inspired, long-lasting repair solutions. Along with Fond du Lac washing machine repair, count on our team to get all your major household appliances back in perfect working order. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with an appliance repair technician, or check out our special offers.

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