Basic Troubleshooting Discipline

  • Note the exact symptoms caused by the problem with the appliance. Use all of your senses to assess the appliance: does something smell funny, look bent, sound different, vibrate too much, too hot, etc.
  • Check for external factors. Is the appliance properly installed, does the appliance have the correct voltage supplied to it, etc.
  • Check for internal and external physical damage such as broken parts, burnt elements or wires, oil leaks, etc.
  • Make sure the controls are on the proper setting.
  • Operate the appliance and let it run through its cycle. Check the cycle operation against the operational sequence described in the owner's manual.
  • Using the information from the preceding steps, isolate the suspect circuit or mechanical system and identify the faulty component.

Correction Procedure

  • Unplug the appliance
  • Gain access to the faulty part
  • Isolate and/or remove the defective part
  • Install the new component
  • Re attach all panels and screws
  • Test the appliance for proper operation

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