GE appliances are known for their high-quality technology and craftsmanship. General Electric, also known as GE, is one of the most popular appliance brands in the United States. Even though you probably love your GE appliances, they still are not invincible to the normal wear and tear that can happen when you're using them on the regular. So whenever you find yourself in need of GE appliance repair in Edison, reach out to us. Whether it's your GE dryer, washer, dishwasher or refrigerator, our team at Mr. Appliance of Edison has the necessary tools and expertise to get your appliances back and running condition.

Call us today to get your high-end appliances running in tip-top shape! Our local technicians are available for your GE appliance repair in Edison.

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About Our GE Appliance Repair in Edison

GE Refrigerator Repair

Whenever your GE refrigerator is broken, we offer a range of comprehensive solutions tailored to meet your needs. Some common parts of the fridge that may break and need repairs or replacements involve your thermostat valves for seals, cold controls, fans, evaporators, light bulbs, defrost heaters, water filters, ice makers and more. Once we figure out what exactly is going on with your GE fridge, we will perform the refrigerator repair as needed.

If you notice the following signs in your refrigerator, it is probably time for a GE appliance repair in Edison.

  • Your ice maker or water dispenser doesn't work.
  • Your fridge has unreliable temperatures.
  • Your fridge is leaking.

GE Dishwasher Repair

When your dishwasher isn't working, whether it's a worn-out gasket, broken latch or a malfunctioning heating element, we have the high-quality parts to replace your broken dishwasher components. Your GE dishwasher performance is important, so we will make sure to check on the major parts.

The common parts that break and need repairs include pump valves, motors, the heating element, the spray arms, the control board, the door latch, the gasket, as well as the filters.

If you notice the following symptoms with your dishwasher, call us for a GE appliance repair in Edison:

  • Dishes aren't coming out clean.
  • The dishwasher is leaking.
  • Your control panel (or buttons) won't work.

GE Washer Repair

Do you hear loud noises coming from your GE washing machine? Or are you finding that it is bringing your clothes to a giant sopping wet mess after its cycle?

Then rely on us for your GE washer repair services. When you choose us for your washing machine repair, we can solve minor problems such as waterfall issues when the machine is filling too slowly or won't fill at all with water.

We can also handle minor pump issues such as if your GE washer won't drain properly or if it has issues with the lid switch and the washer won't agitate. Some of the common parts that are typical to replace or repair are the belts, motor, pump hoses, agitator, timer control panel, door lid presser, switch bearing sensors, and solenoid.

Whatever the issue is, we can fix it for you so you can get back to having the ideal laundry room.

GE Dryer Repair

Whether you have a GE electric dryer or a GE gas dryer, we have the necessary experience to resolve any occurring issues such as the dryer not heating clothes not drying your electric drum won't turn.

Dryers are a delicate appliance because they pose great fire hazards and habitual cleaning. Some of the common issues include broken controls, strange noises, broken heating elements, and clogged exhaust vents.

Why Choose Us For Your GE Appliance Repair in Edison

You will be working with qualified experts. All of our technicians have gone through extensive training and have years of hands-on experience.

All of our workmanship and parts are guaranteed. We bring everything to the table, including the tools, parts, and labor.

We offer upfront, flat rate pricing. We don't catch you by surprise by adding in extra charges. Never an overtime fee, never any added fees.

Courteous and uniformed technicians. We emphasize our professionalism with our courteous, clean, and uniformed team members.

We will reliably show up on time for your service requests. Don't worry about us being late. We will arrive for your appointment when it is scheduled for.

We have contactless authorization and payment. We always offer contactless service out of respect.

Frequently Asked Questions About GE Appliance Repair in Edison

How long is a GE Appliance warranty?

The length of a GE appliance warranty applies to specific products and models. Most of the warranties range from 1 to 5 years; however, warranty terms may change, so we recommend checking the latest information on the official GE appliances website or contacting their friendly customer service to gain up-to-date information on your warranty.

Looking for GE Appliance Repair in Edison? Call Us Today For Optimal Appliance Functionality!

Your GE appliances are meant to last for a long time, and we want to make sure that we can continue to keep them performing efficiently and in top-notch condition for years to come. Don't let another day go by with a broken fridge, a leaky freezer or a squeaky dryer, and schedule an appointment for reliable GE appliance repair in Edison today.

Our appliance repair service for your General Electric brand of appliances has a wide range of affordable solutions to get your day to day life back to normal again. With our freezer repairs we can tackle a variety of problems, most notably the temperature is not cold enough, or it is too cold.

Our professional technicians are well-versed in dryer repair service for your GE laundry station. We also have cooktop repair for your gas ranges or electric cooktops. With our customer care, we can get your built-in dishwasher back on track again. You can have your common household appliances running for years to come thanks to our expert home appliance repair services. Call us to get started on preventive maintenance and repairs.

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