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Commercial Refrigerator Repair Near Brighton, Thornton, Westminster, & Commerce City

Mr. Appliance of Denver specializes in fast, reliable repairs for all types of commercial refrigerators. Our experts have the expertise and specialized tools to quickly diagnose problems and get your equipment back up and running as soon as possible. Whether it’s a faulty motor or a broken control panel, our experienced technicians can repair it.

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  • Commercial fridge services come with a 30-day Parts and Labor Promise. Details in full here.
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  • We pledge to make things right if your service was not performed correctly. Within the applicable promise term, get in touch with your neighborhood Mr. Appliance of Denver, and we'll make it right.

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Don’t let your valuable products spoil when your fridge goes down! With Mr. Appliance Denver, you can trust us to quickly identify and fix any issue so that you don’t lose money due to downtime or replacement costs. We work hard to ensure fast turnaround times so that you can get back in business right away!

Common Commercial Refrigerator Issues We Repair

We strongly advise getting in touch with Mr. Appliance of Denver right away if you are experiencing any of the concerns listed below and need commercial refrigerator repair. All of our repair services are upfront and flat-rate priced.

  • Water is dripping from your refrigerator - If your refrigerator is leaking, a plugged drain hose or defrost drain opening could be to blame. Or the gasket around the door could be worn. Mr. Appliance carries many replacement parts, including commercial refrigeration gaskets.

  • The sections holding fresh food include liquid - Your refrigerator's fresh food compartments may have accumulated liquid as a result of worn-out or compromised door seals. Check your seals, then contact us for replacement assistance.

  • The freezer has an excessive amount of frost - If you notice excessive frost in your freezer, the defrost system may be faulty or the evaporator fan motor may need to be replaced. A Mr. Appliance of Denver commercial refrigerator technician can diagnose this issue and complete the appropriate commercial refrigerator repair.

  • Your refrigerator has stopped running - The thermostat should be checked first if your commercial refrigerator suddenly ceased functioning altogether because it probably has to be replaced. Our professionals can do the task swiftly, preventing a delay in your operation.

  • The temperature in your refrigerator isn't normal - The thermostat, the door gasket, or a clogged drain could all be to blame if your refrigerator is having difficulties keeping its temperature. Ask our specialists to troubleshoot and fix your industrial refrigerator.

  • There are odd noises coming from your refrigerator - If your appliance is generating unusual or loud noises, this may be a sign that the fan or compressor motor are failing. You can have those replaced!

Frequently asked questions about Commercial Refrigerator Repair

How Often Should You Service Your Refrigerator?

Ideally, you should service your commercial refrigerator once every six months to one year depending on its age and the environment it is located in. However, if you notice any performance issues or signs of wear and tear between scheduled services, then do not hesitate to contact a professional technician right away to inspect the unit. Since most modern refrigerators come with warranties, they are usually covered under warranty if something goes wrong due to normal usage conditions or manufacturer defects.

How do you service a commercial refrigerator?

First off, ensure all electrical components are in working order, one must first inspect and test wires, connectors, circuit boards and other parts. Additionally, it's important to clean out and disinfect any dirt buildup or obstructions. Finally, checking refrigerant levels is essential for making sure that the fridge runs at optimal temperature. Taking special care when performing these checks will help keep the refrigerator functioning correctly while avoiding major repairs later on.

How long should a commercial refrigerator last?

Commercial refrigerators typically last about 10-12 years if regularly serviced, but factors like inadequate maintenance can decrease this lifespan significantly. Furthermore, parts availability plays an important role since replacement parts can be hard to come by and expensive when needed. That being said, investing in commercial refrigerator repairs as needed can increase the longevity of your unit plus save you time and money in the long run.

Don't let a small commercial refrigerator repair become an expensive. Call us now or contact us online!

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