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Are you in need of refrigerator repair services? No need to search any further! Mr. Appliance of Dearborn Heights is here to help with all your refrigerator repair needs. We deliver excellent service and our expert, reputable technicians can repair your fridge quickly and efficiently. Plus, we warranty our parts and labor for your total peace of mind. Scheduling your service online or by phone is quick and easy.

Looking for speedy refrigerator repair service near you? Simply dial or book conveniently online. We look forward to serving you!

Why Choose Mr. Appliance of Dearborn Heights?

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With our expertise, we make sure whatever problem arises with your refrigerator gets solved promptly, so that it won't become worse over time.

We're locally owned and operated in Dearborn Heights. At the same time, we're backed by a nationally-recognized appliance repair franchise - Mr. Appliance. Mr. Appliance was established in 1996 and Entrepreneur magazine has rated the network among the top home service franchises.

Why call us to fix your fridge? A few reasons include:

  • Our Up-Front, Flat-Rate Pricing
  • Our Strong Reputation
  • Our 1-Year Parts & Labor Warranty
  • Our Prompt Arrivals & Professional Service
  • Our Email & Text Appointment Reminders (complete with a picture of your service professional)

Our missions isn't only to fix your broken refrigerator. No, our mission is to repair your refrigerator while providing you with the professional service you deserve. You're welcome to visit our reviews page to see why our customers love our services.

Ready to schedule your refrigerator repair service? Schedule your service online or call our courteous team today. We'll see you soon!

What Is the Most Common Refrigerator Repair?

One of the most common refrigerator repair issues is a broken compressor. This component makes sure that cool air is circulated throughout your fridge and keeps your food cold.

A broken compressor often results in warm air collecting in the fridge instead of cool air, which can lead to a spoiled or bad-tasting food. Repairing a broken compressor requires replacing the unit, as well as potentially any other components associated with it, such as fans and coils.

Our Dearborn Heights refrigerator repairman will also need to check for any leaking refrigerant, which could indicate an additional problem with the system. In any cases, calling us for professional refrigerator repair can help ensure that all aspects of your refrigerator are properly taken care of.

Is It Worthwhile to Repair a Refrigerator?

Yes, it is most certainly worthwhile to repair a refrigerator!

Refrigerators are a crucial part of our daily lives and can cause major disruptions not only to our lifestyles but also to our budgets if they stop working.

Choosing to have your fridge repaired can:

  • Save You Money. Repairing a refrigerator is often much more cost-effective than replacing it. The average repair cost for a fridge is more affordable compared to the average price of a new one, which can range anywhere between $800-$2,500.
  • Help Extend Your Refrigerator's Lifespan. Quality refrigerator repairs can also help extend the life of your fridge by addressing any potential problems before they become too severe and thus avoiding further damage.
  • Give You Peace of Mind. Finally, repairing your own refrigerator gives you peace of mind knowing that you have taken action to ensure that your food remains properly stored at all times.

Need to schedule a service? Call us or schedule online. Count on us for speedy, expert refrigerator repair in Dearborn Heights!

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