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Nothing is more inconvenient than a broken dryer on laundry day. As homeowners like you, we get it! Clothes pile up during the week and we need our dryer in working order, just like you. At Mr. Appliance of Dayton, we’re here to provide the speedy, expert service you need.

With our Service On Your Schedule system and text and email alerts before the service, we make the whole process as stress-free as possible. Our Dayton dryer repairmen are equipped with everything they need to repair all kinds of dryer issues. We’ve got you covered!

To schedule your dryer repair in Dayton, call us today or schedule your service online. Your service call fee is waived if you proceed with our repair!

5 Common Dryer Issues We Can Help Repair

At Mr. Appliance of Dayton, we specialize in addressing a variety of common dryer problems.

Our skilled technicians can assist you with:

  • No Heat or Insufficient Heat. If your dryer is not generating heat or is not providing enough heat to dry your clothes, we can diagnose and repair the issue. This may involve replacing faulty heating elements, thermostats, or thermal fuses.
  • Excessive Noise. Is your dryer making loud or unusual noises during operation, such as grinding, squeaking, or banging? These noises are a sign your dryer needs some TLC. Our experts can identify the source of the problem. We can replace worn-out belts, rollers, or pulleys to help restore your dryer.
  • Poor Drying Performance. If your dryer is taking longer than usual to dry your clothes or if they come out still damp, we can troubleshoot the issue. We'll check for airflow obstructions and any defective parts, like the blower wheel and heating element.
  • Drum Not Spinning. If the drum of your dryer is not spinning, our technicians can diagnose and fix the issue. This may involve inspecting and repairing the drive belt, motor, or idler pulley.
  • Electrical Issues. Is your dryer experiencing electrical problems, such as tripping breakers or erratic behavior? Our experts can identify and resolve the underlying electrical issues.

Count on Mr. Appliance of Dayton to effectively address these and many other common dryer problems. Our skilled technicians have the knowledge and experience to provide reliable and efficient dryer repair services.

Looking for speedy, expert dryer repair in Dayton, OH? Get started today by booking your service online or by calling us.

We Warranty Our Dryer Repair Services

Per our Neighborly Done Right Promise™, we stand behind our work with a one-year parts and labor warranty. For your peace of mind, if something wasn’t done right, we’ll come back and make it right. Just call to let us know within the one-year promised period.
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