Refrigerator Repair Clermont, FL

How many times a day do you open your fridge? It’s the most used appliance in our homes, and because of that, it faces numerous issues over its 10+ year lifespan. Of course, knowing that fact doesn’t make those issues any less frustrating, and whether we’re dealing with a broken bulb or a faulty compressor, we so often dread the need for refrigerator repair in Clermont. You, however, shouldn’t because Mr. Appliance of Clermont and Apopka offers a fast, reliable service you can trust.

The truth about refrigerators is that no matter which major brand you go with, you’re going to run into some issues over time. The refrigeration system inside carries out a choreographed procedure which means that if just one part isn’t working optimally, the need for a repair is urgent.

We all hope that our appliances never break, but when they do, having the number of a dependable Clermont appliance repair technician in your back pocket can bring you peace of mind knowing the issue will be resolved quickly. Call our valued customer care team today to learn more about refrigerator repair in Clermont, or book our reliable appliance services online.

How We Handle Refrigerator Repair in Clermont

Some refrigerator issues are more likely to be put off by Clemont residents than others. While a fridge door that won’t close or a mysterious pool of water at the base doesn’t seem like a big issue initially, leaving it unresolved could result in wasted energy and money, risk water damage, or put stress on your refrigerator’s vital parts. The harder your fridge has to work to perform its basic tasks, the shorter its lifespan will be.

If you’re looking for it to run for a marathon (10+ years) and not a sprint (<5), it’s important to give it the fuel it needs to make it all the way. In this case, that fuel is proper maintenance and prompt refrigerator repair. Clermont residents should always be on the lookout for signs their fridges need attention to, but we know that the signs aren’t always as clear as day. Scheduling regular maintenance can help you stay ahead of any major issues that are beginning to develop.

If you do happen to notice obvious signs that your refrigerator needs repair, you should call our qualified team right away. What happens next? After we help you book an appointment time that fits your schedule, you can expect the following from our tried and true repair process.

  • Diagnosis: This is, perhaps, the most important part of the repair process. Without proper diagnosis, you will never get to the root of the appliance issue, and you may continue to experience the same problem over and over again. That’s why calling a professional appliance specialist is so important when it comes to refrigerator repair. Clermont locals can depend on our knowledgeable team to correctly pinpoint any problems their fridges are experiencing before choosing the most appropriate course of action to resolve them.
  • Repair: Depending on the issue your fridge is dealing with, we will recommend the right kind of repair. When it comes to fridge repair, most likely, you’ll need a replacement part to get the appliance back up and running; however, some issues call for simple cleaning to work more efficiently. Either way, we’ll tell you exactly what’s going on with your appliance before resolving it. We stock parts for a wide range of major brands of fridges, and likely, we’ll already have the part needed on hand. That means we can perform your quality repair that same day unless the part you need is not in our inventory. If not, we will help you order it quickly and will come back as soon as it arrives to install it.
  • Inspection: We want to make sure your fridge is running properly before we leave. So after we meet all of your appliance repair service needs, we’ll do a final inspection. If all seems fine, we’ll leave you with our Done Right Promise®, which guarantees that the job will have been completed correctly, or we won’t rest until it is.

Common Issues Resolved During Refrigerator Repair in Clermont

You've seen how we handle refrigerator repair in Clermont, but what kind of issues can we help with? In short, any issue your fridge is facing, we can resolve. Since we arrive with fully stocked trucks, we can perform the necessary repairs on the spot, helping you get back to your regular routines sooner. Some of the most common issues we can fix include:

  • Compressor trouble. The compressor is the heart of your fridge. It circulates refrigerant throughout the internal cooling system and relies on oil. If the part doesn't have the oil it needs, it can overheat and break down. This may mean your fridge struggles to produce cool air or cannot produce it at all.
  • Condenser fan issues. Compressor coils need to let off heat. To do this, they need the help of a fan. Condenser fans can become dirty and dusty or can break due to too much use. If your compressor fan breaks, the refrigerant may not cool down enough and your unit may be slow to produce cool air. This can result in longer running time or a complete lack of cool air.
  • Broken door seals. When you close your refrigerator door, the gaskets or seals on the inside of the door create a vacuum-like seal. When they are damaged, ripped, or cracked, they cannot perform this vital function. Without a tight seal, the interior air of the fridge can escape, signaling the compressor to turn on again. This will increase your energy bills and put additional stress on your appliance.
  • Faulty thermostats. The thermostat is responsible for signaling your fridge's compressor to turn on. Reading the internal temperature of your unit, the thermostat determines whether the fridge needs more cool air to remain at a steady temperature. If it does, you'll hear the gentle hum of your refrigerator as the compressor turns on and the fridge utilizes its condenser coils, evaporator, and expansion device to produce cool air. A faulty thermostat may mean this major appliance never produces cool air or makes too much of it.
  • Water leaks. Whether coming from your refrigerator's water dispenser or a clogged defrost drain, water leaking from your fridge can cause water damage to your floors and other wooden features in your home, not to mention pose a threat to your family's safety should they slip and fall.

Mr. Appliance Is The Premier Choice For Refrigerator Repair Clermont Has Been Searching For

While not many of us like to admit that our worlds revolve around food, they do. So essentially, we can also say that our worlds revolve around our refrigerators. Unlike when your dishwasher stops working, you simply have to wash your dishes by hand, when your fridge stops working, you have no other way to keep highly perishable items fresh. So what do you do? Scramble trying to figure out what’s wrong with it, or go to the store and pack ice into your camping cooler so that the value pack of rib-eye you just bought for this weekend’s barbecue doesn’t go bad.

The other solution? Call Mr. Appliance of Clermont and Apopka right away and we’ll get your fridge repaired quickly. That’s the difference when calling a local appliance specialist, and our customers also love the courteous, professional services we offer that span across kitchen and laundry room appliances. Whether you need a reliable stove top, range, or oven repair, garbage disposal repair, freezer repair, or dishwasher repair, our knowledgeable technicians have the training and experience necessary to exceed your expectations, often going above and beyond the call of duty to get the job done around your schedule. Other reasons locals love us?

  • We're your convenient, one-call solution. With our comprehensive service offering, one call is all it takes to get the professional assistance you need.
  • We offer upfront, flat-rate pricing. We'll provide the price of your service before we begin it and promise that there are no hidden fees or surprise costs.
  • We have excellent customer feedback. Just check out our local reviews and ratings and you'll see why so many choose us as their go-to company for appliance repair in Clermont.
  • We offer 24/7 emergency service. Appliances can fail at the worst times. Call us and we'll arrive quickly to get yours back in great shape.
  • We warranty our parts and workmanship. Aiming to deliver complete peace of mind to home and business owners, with us, you won't have to worry about poor workmanship or faulty parts.
  • We're locally owned and operated. We care about our community and want homes and businesses to run smoothly year-round.

Interested in a different kind of refrigerator repair in Clermont? Call us directly or use the contact form to book your service.

Frequently Asked Questions About Refrigerator Repair Clermont Residents Should Read

What are the Signs I Need a Refrigerator Repair in Clermont, FL?

Knowing when your fridge isn't working optimally can be difficult. Some signs are quite subtle while others are as clear as day. Be sure to read up on the following so that you know exactly what to keep an eye out for.

  • Your food goes bad quickly
  • You hear odd sounds
  • The unit is leaking water
  • The motor is running constantly
  • The back of the fridge is very hot
  • The freezer ices over quickly
  • Your fridge door won’t close

The moment you notice any of these signs, get in touch with our Clermont appliance specialists right away. Seeking prompt repairs could be the difference between your appliances lasting for many more years and requiring costly repairs that make a total replacement seem like a better idea.

Do I Need a Clermont Refrigerator Repair Service or a New Unit?

When experiencing issues with your refrigerator, you may think that it’s time for a new one. And it very well might be, but wouldn’t you prefer to find out if all that needs to be done is quick repair rather than a full replacement with a new unit? Our appliance repair experts at Mr. Appliance have the skill and know-how to properly identify the problem with your broken appliance. It’s possible that all your fridge needs is a replacement valve to give it a few more years of life.

As a general rule of thumb, if the cost of your repair is 50% or more of the cost of a new unit, we recommend getting a new unit. This is because, over time, faulty fridges will continue to experience issues. You can always count on our expert team to make honest recommendations. Of course, if it’s an entirely new unit you want, we can also help you find the right brand.

Which Refrigerator Parts Do We Replace?

A fridge is made up of many important parts. If one isn’t working properly, then you will begin to see issues that spread out to affect others. A faulty door seal might mean that the motor of your fridge has to work harder, thus causing it to burn out more quickly. Just the same, your water filter might be clogged, preventing your ice maker from doing its job. To put it simply, we replace just about every part of a refrigerator, including:

  • Door seals
  • Thermostat
  • Cold controls
  • Fans & evaporators
  • Defrost heaters
  • Valves
  • Water filters
  • Ice maker
  • Light bulbs
  • Bins & drawers

What Brands Do You Service for Clermont Refrigerator Repair?

Clermont residents often buy major brand names when they shop for refrigerators, and while we stock a wide breadth of parts from these brands, we also carry many for smaller names as well. Regardless of what type of fridge you own, we’ll know how to fix it, and if we do not carry the parts for it, we can get them in quickly to have your fridge ready to chill in no time. See below for a list of the common brands we repair:

  • SubZero
  • Frigidaire
  • Samsung
  • GE
  • Whirlpool
  • LG
  • Maytag
  • KitchenAid
  • And many more!

We service all makes and models in these lines, including French doors, mini, standalone, built-in, and side-by-side refrigerators.

How Much Does Clermont Refrigerator Repair Cost?

One of the reasons Clermont residents don’t seek refrigerator repair as much as they should is because of the cost. But here’s the thing: small repairs, when first detected, aren’t costly. Repairs can start to cost more when homeowners wait too long to resolve them, and that’s not considering what happens when they wait so long they need an entirely new unit. Choosing refrigerator repair now means you’ll save money in the long run, especially if you think about the money you’ll save on your energy bill. An efficient fridge costs less to run, so expect to see savings every month.

Another note about costs for refrigerator repair that Clermont residents should be aware of? At Mr. Appliance, we offer upfront, flat-rate pricing. That means you’ll know exactly what you’ll pay before we get started. There will be absolutely no surprises.

Chill Out and Call Mr. Appliance for Refrigerator Repair, Clermont!

Clermont residents like their barbecues to be hot and their fridges to be cool, not the other way around. When finding themselves in need of refrigerator repair, Clermont locals can count on Mr. Appliance for top-notch service. With a reputation for excellent customer service and high-quality work, our parts and workmanship are backed by a warranty to bring locals peace of mind over their much-needed appliances.

To choose a Clermont appliance repair specialist you can trust, call our customer service team today. We’re proud to service Clermont, Apopka, Winter Garden, and the surrounding areas in Central Florida with a variety of expert appliance repair jobs, including washer repair and dryer repair. Our team of experienced technicians has your appliance repair needs covered.

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