Is Your Refrigerator Not Cold Enough in Bozeman, MT?

We Can Help When Your Refrigerator Will Not Get Cold Enough

When your home’s refrigerator will not get cold enough, you need the help of experienced, licensed professionals to solve the problem. At Mr. Appliance of Bozeman, we have years of experience helping homeowners throughout Bozeman, Belgrade, and Big Sky, MT, with residential refrigerator maintenance and repair services so they can keep their food fresh.

The FDA states you should set your refrigerator’s temperature at 40 degrees Fahrenheit or lower and your freezer at 0 degrees Fahrenheit. If your refrigerator is set at the right temperature and it still doesn't stay cool, our appliance repair technicians can help. Reach out to our team today to schedule service for your refrigerator!

What to Do When Your Domestic Refrigerator’s Not Cool Enough

The repair specialists at Mr. Appliance of Bozeman have years of experience diagnosing common problems with refrigerators and finding effective solutions. Sometimes, the resolution is as simple as turning up the thermostat in your refrigerator. Before calling us to schedule an appointment for refrigerator repair, we recommend checking the following things:

  • Your refrigerator isn’t plugged in – Many homeowners assume their refrigerator is broken without checking to make sure it's plugged into an outlet. Don't worry; this happens more often than you might think.
  • Your thermostat is turned down – Find the thermostat in your fridge and check to ensure it’s set to an appropriate temperature.
  • The door doesn’t close properly – Check to make sure nothing in the refrigerator is blocking the door from being able to close. If your doors don’t close or seal properly, warm air can leak into your fridge, rotting the food and causing higher-than-normal energy bills. Call us if you can’t figure out why the door isn’t closing properly.
  • Cold air can’t circulate in your fridge – If boxes of food block the vents and obstruct airflow, cold air can’t circulate inside your fridge. Organizing your fridge helps to let air move freely and keep the food in your fridge cool.

Refrigerator Parts Potentially Causing Your Tepid Fridge

Many things can go wrong and prevent your residential refrigerator from getting cold enough. Below, we’ve listed various common parts and issues that can spoil food in your fridge and freezer in your Montana home:

  • Compressor – This part in your refrigerator compresses and pushes refrigerant vapor into your fridge’s coils. The pressure and vapor create heat that cools and absorbs the heat in your freezer and fridge. Your compressor could be defective if your freezer fan runs, but the refrigerator doesn’t get cold.
  • Condenser Coils – These carry the compressor's hot air to your fridge's evaporator coils. If your condenser coils clog and restrict your refrigerator’s ability to stay cool, you might end up with poor air circulation.
  • Condenser Fan – As the condenser coils and compressor work together, the condenser fan keeps them cool. Condenser fans can malfunction, overheat your compressor, and cause the temperature in the refrigerator to rise.
  • Evaporator Fan – The evaporator fan blows cool air inside your fridge by pulling air across the evaporator coil, cooling it, and pushing it through your freezer and fridge. A faulty evaporator fan prevents your refrigerator from making cold air.
  • Air Damper – This part in your refrigerator controls the air shared from your freezer to your refrigerator. If your air damper can’t open or close, your freezer could maintain the right temperature while your fridge gets warmer or too cold.

Schedule Refrigerator Service With Mr. Appliance

Is your refrigerator not getting cold enough? If you’ve checked all the obvious causes and are still experiencing issues with your residential refrigerator, the repair technicians at Mr. Appliance of Bozeman can provide quick, reliable, and cost-effective solutions. If your refrigerator is beyond repair, we’ll make professional recommendations for replacement based on your needs, personal preferences, and budget. We proudly serve households in Bozeman, Belgrade, Big Sky, MT, and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to learn more about our refrigerator repair services and schedule an appointment at your home!

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