Considerations for Installing a Double Oven

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If you and your family are considering installing a double oven, there are some advantages and disadvantages to purchasing one that you should consider. Depending on your specific needs a double oven may be the perfect addition to your kitchen, or not live up to your expectations. We'll share some of the pros and cons of a double oven to help you decide if installing a double oven is right for you.

The Benefits

Synchronized Cooking

Whether you are serving your immediate family or whipping up a feast for your child’s birthday party, there are many advantages to having a double oven. For example, you can roast meat in one oven and bake sides in the other, or prepare dinner in one and dessert in the other, making different meals or different courses all at once. The ability to cook separate, synchronized dishes can save you an incredible about of time, making weeknight dinners and special events a breeze!

Faster Cooking

Another advantage to having a double oven is that it preheats and cooks faster. A double oven is more efficient because it is far easier to heat up and maintain a temperature in one smaller space than in a standard large one. Plus, with proper maintenance, your double oven will last for years to come, making cooking, baking, and hosting for any occasion more manageable than it would be with one oven.

Increased Total Cooking Space

A standard oven will only give you enough room to cook one or two items simultaneously. A double oven will also allow you to prepare larger meals. You can typically fit two to three dishes within each oven, so you can have multiple dishes cooking simultaneously.Just think,a double oven provides you with two individual cooking spaces with double the capacity (one smaller, one larger),which is far more than you would ever have with a single oven unit. Plus, if one oven needs repair, you may still be able to use the other.

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The Drawbacks

Farewell 25 Pound Turkey

Though there are numerous benefits to owning a double oven, there are also several disadvantages. If you and your family enjoy cooking Thanksgiving meals that include more than 20 pounds of turkey, you may have to scale back on your bird’s size. Even with two oven units to choose from, neither will be large enough for a 25-pound bird – which is a deal-breaker for many families that look forward to going big on holidays.

Goodbye Storage Space

Single ovens usually have underneath storage that is great for large pans, skillets, cookie sheets, and more. Since double ovens utilize every square inch of space, there is no room for the additional storage that single ovens provide. If that storage space is a must-have within your kitchen, you may want to reconsider buying a double oven.

Energy Savings – A Double-Sided Coin

If you and your family are concerned about energy usage, there are both advantages and disadvantages to a double oven. On the one hand, if you are using just one of your ovens each day, you will be using far less energy than if you tried to heat a standard single oven. However, if you are using both units together every day, your energy usage might exceed that of a single range.However, this could be offset by the fact that it takes you less time to cook a specific meal.

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More Questions?

Installing a double oven can be a great time saver and offers quite a few advantages, but a double oven is not ideal for every situation.If you have questions, or what to learn more about how installing a double oven can make your life easier,call Mr. Appliance. We can answer all your questions and help you and your family select and install an oven that is perfectly suited for your needs and your budget.